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    Baby Cot

    Hi Newbie I think I have seen 4 or 5 cot builds 2 of which were mine sadly I cannot search the forum for my builds Steve
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    Coopered or Scooped

    been a while since I posted and ask a dumb question :-) I have a box to make for a wedding remit is a small pirates chest this is to put gratuity in aka money box for notes I have loads of 12" diameter oak logs which I can: mount on lathe, turn round \ hollow and slice in half to make the top...
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    router mandrel

    got a router bit that will fit a tapered glass bottle? or a plastic funnel? must have something laying around Steve
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    How to build a solid wood cover for a fire pit kiln

    I am not sure that you will not get that sealed enough that a heavy downpoor will not just fill your hole with water maybe consider a thick sheet (or 2) of plywood covered with edpm rubber roof fabric Steve
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    Ash Burls - of use to anyone?

    sadly too far over I have a work trip maidstone to oxford on thursday and was hopeful was on route :-( next time lol Steve
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    Ash Burls - of use to anyone?

    too good for firewood if only i was closer, or maybe you are? Steve
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    can you remind me of the company name ?

    cutting solutions?
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    London Plane Bowl part 2

    I keep forgetting about screw chucks as I usually use a faceplate thanks Derek Steve
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    London Plane Bowl part 2

    i was sure I posted but must have lost it :-( can you explain how this was mounted? and how you got the 2 burnt circles to line up ? Steve
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    wood screw and nut for leg vise

    it will be the weekend before I get to hunt for it Steve
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    wood screw and nut for leg vise

    I believe I still have a nut and screw that was for a project never completed I will have to have a search it was made by a well known English Woodworker is that the sort of thing you are looking for? Steve
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    SK100 Chuck

    many thanks all sorted Steve
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    SK100 Chuck

    I undone the jaws too far and one popped out :-( I now have an issue with out-of-round turnings I cannot for the life of me work out how to re-align the 4 jaws brain fade has kicked in Steve
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    20mm Drill Chuck

    you are going to need a serious drill press for a 20mm chuck my mill only has 16mm chuck interested to see the outcome Steve
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    Wadkin MF restoration

    love these restorations does it work :-) Steve