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    Insulating rented garage

    Try Gumtree for offcuts of insulation. Often people getting rid of stuff from building projects
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    Yin Yang bowls

    Very nice
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    Hollowing tool recommendation please

    A friend lent me a Sorby tool with the ring in it. I found it very hard to use. Either too aggressive, like hollowing with a chainsaw or to small a cut and it blocked constantly
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    Dust mask - spectacle wearers advice please

    I agree the paper dust masks are no good. They give a false sense of security. Blow your nose after using them and you will see! Get a tight fitting rubber sealed one, they are about £20 from screwfix
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    Lidl... lathe?

    That’s so me, we bring fire wood in.... i separate lumps thinking one day that will be a bowl and take it out again
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    found this

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    stabilising punky wood

    nice idea!
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    How to minimise shrinkage and cracks in wet wood?

    nice bowl, I have some greenish oak, might have a go...
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    Cole jaws..

    Amegr of the reply above, they de piece ont very securely usbute he tail stock to keep them bown in place while finishing off the bottom... just in case! Also you have to think about the shape of the top you are cutting as the buttons are only designed to hold a slight taper when you tighten up...
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    Tool identification - a box full of various

    Hi All, Just been thinking, seeing as I dont know what these are anyway, if anyone wants them Im happy to give them away free of charge. Easiest for anyone local to Wilmslow ( sk9 area) first. Let me know Stefan
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    Tool identification - a box full of various

    Thanks Robbo, the part definitely looks the same Stefan
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    Tool identification - a box full of various

    Here are the other photos....
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    Tool identification - a box full of various

    Hi All, have been a long term lurker on this form and earned a lot from the excellent advice. However I thought Id post a question now. A year ago I bought a lathe second hand from someone who had boxes of assorted tools included with it as a job lot. Most of them I use but some left over...