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    Valchromat Board

    I think Lathams are the main stockists of Valchromat. Any other stockists will most likely have bought it from James Latham and 'added a bit on '.
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    Firewood to dish thing

    Lovely job Adam.
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    Novice needs help

    Don't go for a Clarke lathe. The price might seem ok, but they are awful. More likely to put you off than encourage you.
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    Grinder bought!

    I've had the 8" version for years with no problems whatsoever. The one 'improvement' I made was to get rid of the Grey wheel and replace it with a CBN wheel. By no means cheap, but the difference is remarkable. The White wheel is used for re-profiling.
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    No idea about the Nexus, but I've had a Charnwood Viper 3 chuck for a few years. Never had cause to complain.
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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    Aye. Still turning wood into shavings😂
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    Boxes galore

    Lovely craftsmanship Linus.
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    Tormek Grinders

    I bought a CBN wheel a couple of months ago to use on a Record 8 inch grinder. A much better edge than the 40mm White wheel. The CBN wheel removes less steel from the tool when sharpening, so tools should last longer. CBN wheels aren't cheap but, in my opinion, are worth it. Dave
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    Pyrograph machine

    Hi Simon, Just starting out on the pyrography journey so basic stuff to start with. The Peter Child machine is all but ordered. Cheers, Dave
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    Parkside Lathe

    My first lathe (many years ago) was a Clarke. A truly awful machine. I returned it after a couple of weeks. Avoid if possible.
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    Pyrograph machine

    Cheers Blister, appreciated👍
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    Pyrograph machine

    Evening all. Any recommendations for a pyrograph machine. Not really looking for top of the range, just want one that'll do the job and be reliable. Thanks in advance. Dave
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    The inevitable has happened: replacement jaw screws

    Charnwood supply replacement screws in sets of 8. I think the screw sizes differ, so it's worth a phone call to them.
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    CBN Wheels

    I spoke to Toolpost yesterday. Unfortunately,the wheel I require is out of stock and will be for a couple of months.
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    CBN Wheels

    Thank you. Appreciate the info.