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    Inca bandsaw

    Hi! Actually, the local company in sweden I ordered my saw bands from just contacted me and said that they had confirmed a production error which resulted in slightly misaligned blade welding. So I guess that was my problem for all three blades, and when I get the new replacement blades later...
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    Inca bandsaw

    Hi J.A Olsson! I have the exaxt same experience about the tracking, that after super-carefully adjusting it, the blade suddenly travels all the way to the front. and before that, I can adjust the tilt knob pretty much without any kind of movement. I managed once to, by chance, get it exactly...
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    Inca bandsaw

    Seeing that this thread is alive and kicking after 10 years(impressive), I might as well ask here rather than starting a new one. reading this lively thread actually was one of the reasons I decided to purchase a Euro260 :) so I did, and it's in good condition, from 1995, Made in France. The...