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    Where to get planer knives sharpened

    Mark Hi. I use Sussex Sharpening services. Found then on the Net. They have done saw and planer blades and spiral router cutters for me in the past. And they collect and return for a nominal charge (I live in surrey). I think that their service is excellent (and before you ask, have...
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    Ally Pally Show Thoughts...

    Fourth show I’ve attended during the last 7 years or so; seems like its getting smaller and smaller each year. Admittedly, I went there to play with specific products........but couldn’t seem to find a nail gun worth looking at. Closing thoughts Hurrah……someone is finally shipping cyclone dust...
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    Sold: Leigh FMT jig

    Chris Fancied one of them for a while. Obviously, preferably, the metric version. Could be very interested. What kind of a number do you have in mind? regards SC
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    Screwfix Discount

    Yes. The third order was also discounted. :lol: And to give credit where it is due....The original orders were delivered yesterday. One of them was incorrectly packed and also had some damaged bits. first time I had an order go wrong in the 5 or 6 years of using Screwfix. Phoned Screwfix...
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    Screwfix Discount

    Folks Broke an order up into three parts and placed it around 11 p.m last night. Have just got confirmations for the first two. And as the man said, £20 off each one. Assuming that the third comes through the same, will have saved £60 on a £180 order. :D :D :D Thanks Lemonjeff
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    For Sale - Scheppach and EB Saw Benches

    Finally getting back to woodworking a year after moving house. :D However have to dispose of a few bits before SWMBO give me the marching orders. :oops: 1 Scheppach TS 2000 with all the bits and 2 Electra Beckum THKS 315. Both in good nick + a couple of freshly sharpened blades...
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    What do you do for a living then?

    Great thread. My contribution. I’m a chartered Civil Engineer;. Spent the first thirteen years post Uni helping the then newly privatised water companies dig up bits of East and West coast Scotland, North Yorkshire, Devon, Cornwall and most of the Isle of Wight. Got fed up doing dirty water...
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    Loves and Hates?

    Great thread Likes sharp steel Jigs / machines that work accurately time after time Dislikes my many good intentions having to rush / impatience / inaccuracy; all equals shoddy workmanship sneak one in.... :shock:...three putt bogeys SC
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    Under Stair Storage - Help Seeked

    Hi Darren At our last place (which sounds similar to yours), I made some storage boxes to go under the stairs. Boxes were made from MDF, with the same pine cladding to the face as the rest of the stairs. Boxes were mounted on castors and pulled out into a carpeted hallway. Was surprised...
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    Workshop Flooring - Laminate????

    SVB Coming in at the tailend…. I had a laminate floor in my last workshop (tour of it in online somewhere). Really Cheap stuff from B&Q, reckon it came is at around £5 / sqm laid inc underlay. Floor construction was 4x2’s with 75mm polystyrene slabs btwn overlain by chipboard T&G. After...
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    A brief history of version

    Putting the post together was another opportunity to review where it had all started from. I am pleased in a nice kinda way with the eventual result. Picking up on some of the earlier comments: Had a whole lot of materials left over from doing the internals of the house. :wink: Obvious to...
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    Planning a new shed.

    Chris: Unfortunately time travel remains a concept. The existing workshop (which you probably read about elsewhere) will have reverted to an empty shell with bare walls by weekend. The new owners of our house take possession in approximately 8 days and have designated the shed a ‘chill out...
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    Planning a new shed.

    This post is not strictly woodworking (but in relates to a major facilitator thereof) so apologies in advance if it upsets the pure woodies. I am thinking about building a new shed. The actual construction isn’t probably going to happen for a little while. Nevertheless but the mere thought...
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    A brief history of version

    Apologies for the large photo's. I'm learning website stuff fast. Should be a bit more manageable now. And many thanks for the kind words. Very pleased with the way that the shed turned out; width excepted. Looking forward to constructing the next one, and then getting back to other projects...
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    A brief history of version

    Sorry folks. Created the message last night using images uploaded to the imagestation website. It all seemed to preview so well, and everything is in the public directory. Logging on directly this morning, there seemed to be problems viewing some of the pages. The imagestation website perhaps...