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  1. Sporky McGuffin

    MFT - wossit all about?

    I don't think that'd be quite as accurate. It might not matter though.
  2. Sporky McGuffin


    Add "artisanal" to the description and any inconsistency becomes a virtue.
  3. Sporky McGuffin

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Don't be too impressed, I didn't make the cabinet, but I did make all the holes in the door. The Xbox was overheating. Now it is not.
  4. Sporky McGuffin

    Festool ts55 advice

    Most of the sites we attend for work don't allow any mains tools at all - they're all battery at the stages when we attend. I think that's partly for safety (trip hazard as much as electrocution), and mostly because the sparkies never get their stuff done on schedule. ;)
  5. Sporky McGuffin

    Pocket Hole Jigs?

    I like mine (the Axi one). It's a quick and easy way to knock up joints in boards. I don't make furniture much, and what I do is utilitarian (mostly for the workshop) so fast beats pretty for me. I've not used a dowel jig so am not speaking from experience, but they look slower and fiddler...
  6. Sporky McGuffin

    MFT - wossit all about?

    Fair point - it's two straight bits of plank and some screws. Still not a patch on a tracksaw.
  7. Sporky McGuffin

    Holzmann HOB260NL P/T Issues

    Would you like some comparison photos, or would that clutter and distract?
  8. Sporky McGuffin

    Withdrawn Custom mechanical pencil

    Absolutely. I'll probably make a smaller version on the CNC machine.
  9. Sporky McGuffin

    MFT - wossit all about?

    A tracksaw is very much a step up in every way compared to a normal circular saw and a straight bit of plank.
  10. Sporky McGuffin

    Axminster 3 way Drill vice sale, nearly £10 off

    I have that one. It vices nicely. Jolly heavy.
  11. Sporky McGuffin

    Festool ts55 advice

    Nope - it was on Saturday, which was the last time I used a power tool in the workshop. I'm not advocating running mains cables through puddles, but that's not the primary risk.
  12. Sporky McGuffin

    Festool ts55 advice

    The power cord is insulated. It could run through a swimming pool and cause no problem. Transformers are safer because the output floats - it is not referenced to ground, so there's no potential difference even if you're barefoot in a puddle.
  13. Sporky McGuffin

    Scary robot video.

    AI is already solving real-world problems. Amusingly, it turns out that AIs are better at programming AIs than we are, but we don't understand the methods they use.
  14. Sporky McGuffin

    Withdrawn Custom mechanical pencil

    I am delighted to report that the Uni Kurotoga fits darned near perfectly - the little o-ring it has near the tip is pleasantly snug in the 10mm bore, and the grooves on the grip took a little O-ring from my collection so that the body of the pen is perfectly aligned in the overall jig. If...
  15. Sporky McGuffin

    Scary robot video.

    That is deep in the Uncanny Valley.