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    Vacuum/dust extractor for power tools

    I use a Record DX1000 as it does the fine dust. It is louder than my planer thicknesser though! Ideally I'd have a much larger extractor in the corner with some ducting on the wall so I could use it with the bandsaw, lathe, sanders etc. All vacuums are loud but some are just silly. If you are...
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    Axminster Hobby AC370WL recommended?

    I'd get the Graduate, I did have one but it was a little too heavy for my workshop floor and I was afaid it would give way!
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    Scroll Chuck advice needed

    Yes the weight is something I need to be aware of, I only have a 3/4" x 16tpi which is does the job but I want to avoid undue strain on the spindle and the bearings as it's over 20 years old now. I think the SC3 will probably be the one I select and probably what I will end up selling the lathe...
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    Scroll Chuck advice needed

    Hello, I have been getting by with a fairly small record chuck for about a year now, unfortunately the internal gears have worn out. It wasn't in the best condition when I got it but it was only £10 so has served me well. I had planned on upgrading and have some cole jaws that should fit a...
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    Craft Supplies Precision Combination Chuck PC2000

    That looks like a collet chuck, my cl3 came with an old RP2000 set that was fine but not really my sort of thing. If it has all the parts and is in good condition I have seen them sell for up to £50. Multistar and Record models seem to fetch a higher price.
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    Workbench Legs Decision!

    If you go for the 4x2 option you can do a lazy sort of half lap joint if you double up the 4x2 into a 4x4. Then just add some glue and a few screws and you have a simple base that if you add some cross members you could fit a shelf on.
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    Einhell table saw - should i return it ? hack fix ?

    I can't get the links to work, but if its bad enough that you battled with this site to host a video then probably best to return it!
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    Do you really need a vice on a bench?

    They aren't strictly necessary, but neither are sharp tools. But once you've worked with one you'll wonder how you got by without it. I got a big old record quick release vice for about £20 on ebay but don't buy anything expensive because they are out there in good numbers.
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    Oak beams

    On small items like Pens you may not notice but I made some bowls from an old mantle piece that had been hewn and shaped with an adze or something. Anyway, it was very dry and the growth rings were similar but more dense than the oak I had worked before. I got 12 small bowls from a beam and...
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    Stumped on surface planer

    You have a few options, you can change the motor out to a single phase model but thats not ideal for a few reasons. Often people buy a small VFD unit and use it with the 3 phase plugged in. I'm not sure how they work, just that you can expect to lose a good deal of the power of the motor if its...
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    Cordless brad nailer advice wanted.

    I have the Workzone version, If you are after a reliable tool that will save you time and provide some utility I would recommend you stay away and go for a better quality version or a different model. Or, failing that a small compressor and air tool. I've had it about 18 months, pretty early on...
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    New to wood turning

    The best advice I can give you is to go to the AWGB website and find your nearest woodturning association club. There you will meet others interested in the hobby, you might be able to get some tools too and see the occasional demo by a guest. The second best bit of advice is to consider...
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    Axminster AC250 Setup Support

    From the looks of it this is not a cheap machine, was it purchased new from Axminster? If so, I'd suggest talking to them as a priority. If you bought it used then you might have to fettle it abit. Most p/t's I've used have a really limited amount of adjustment on the tables but they are smaller...
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    Bog oak pen blanks.

    Got mine too! Thankyou Mike
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    Incorporating a bandsaw into a MFT style bench

    I have only a small workshop, so no room for a table saw. In fact, I don't have room for the tools I already have. I have old kitchen cabinets around the space for storing tools but I want a central bench and to have French cleats on the wall to store hand tools. I do have a bandsaw, a lathe...