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    Just use the blade guard!

    There are also others, you cannot loose them twice and now they are missing you have less fingers to worry about.
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    Router tables

    If you search these forums this topic has been well covered, @MikeK has an amazing setup that I suspect you could use indoors without creating much dust and using all top quality components, there is a link to his build here as well. Yes look at Woodworkers workshop and you will not be...
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    Securing your workshop

    What no gates!
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    Master switch for a circuit of sockets?

    You have to test all sockets, not only the convenient ones. Inspection and testing is only valid if done completely and meticulously using in cal instruments. Tiddles, I would say your broken backbox is the normal brittle domestic type, the one you get areas that can be knocked through, the...
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    Just use the blade guard!

    A lot of emphasis is placed on the guard and as I said nothing will protect some people, guard or no guard. I have a set pattern when I use my table saw and always stick to it. First thing is to ensure a clear, tidy work area with nothing around I am likely to trip over. Then I check that...
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    Acrylic Eggshell

    Thats not the best sprayer for the job, I tried something similar and gave up. I think @doctorbob will have a better answer as I believe he does spray a lot of his kitchens and take a look at his finishes, just do a search for kitchens and with his tag.
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    Moving 18mm sheets without killing myself

    You will need long arms though,
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    Strange dreams

    Don't worry it's just the impact of lockdown, thats why they use solitary confinement as a punishment. I bet we are all doing strange things that we would not have done in a normal world, I even spent a Saturday evening watching a singing sausage amongst others.
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    Master switch for a circuit of sockets?

    Yes thats a good solution, but why not try and steer your clients on the basis of I have more knowledge and experience than you so please take my advice.
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    Master switch for a circuit of sockets?

    Another thing I hate about ring mains is testing them, that can be a real pain especially if the board is tucked away under the stairs. It involves completely disconnecting both ends of the ring so you have six wires, the first test is to confirm the ring is intact. Connect a L to N and...
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    Master switch for a circuit of sockets?

    As Rorton said they should be radials and I would run as singles in PVC conduit rather than T&E. With a Ring you cannot fit an isolator because there is always a risk that you leave it broken, so you have a 32 amp PD on effectively just a 2.5 cable.
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    Master switch for a circuit of sockets?

    What tools are you thinking you may leave on by mistake? You said the installation is being done professionaly, therefore the fuseboard inlay card will detail what is being protected by each device so you could turn if OFF there but not good practice, and the toggles should be between 1350mm...
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    Just use the blade guard!

    The way he explains it I doubt a blade guide would have helped, his fingers would have gone under it. This is a simple case of stupidity, there are no excuses and it was completely avoidable. If I was him I would avoid all machinery until at least I had attended some decent safety training to...
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    First Bandsaw Buying Advice

    I should mention that the one thing I wanted on a bandsaw was a de-tension lever so that I did not have to leave the saw tensioned when not in use, I don't think it is good practice to leave the machine frame and blade under tension.
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    First Bandsaw Buying Advice

    I have the Record BS400 which is good, but do not think you wll get a usable saw out of the box, they all need tweaking and definately throw away the blades they supply, look on these forums for the blades many of us use. Also Axminster is getting some bad reviews as far as their quality, so...