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    the midlands woodworking show

    Anybody been today .was thinking about going tomorrow,
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    Naughty but nice

    Carefully the sparks could ignite dust in the dander.Been theirs done it
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    is there a quiet shop vacuum cleaner

    Festool. Pricey but very quite ,speed control,power take of long hose.had mine 4 years never had to cleen the filter yet.great on fine dust.
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    10.8 batteries

    Charged them a few times now .longer running time than Bosch. But they are I.5 amp as to I.3 on the far Gerry pleased with them,time will tell.some of my Bosch batteries have only lasted just over a year.
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    10.8 batteries

    I bought replica batteries from tools down eBay with one year guarantee.they came in two days.i m Gerry pleased with them.15 pounds each.
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    10.8 batteries

    Anybody purchased any replica Bosch 10.8 l iron batteries,if so are they any good seen some on eBay for half the price of Bosch.
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    Jet air filter problem

    Rang axi today they said it sounds like the circuit board.orderd one thanks for the response guys
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    Jet air filter problem

    It is not the fluresant buzzing,if that what you ment
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    Jet air filter problem

    Hi went down the shed today to find my jet air filter buzzing. It works fine but when I turn it of the fan stops but their is a buzzing noise. Have unplugged it now,noise has stopped.any ideas what could be causing this.thanks
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    Teak and Walnut Stool - polished

    Verry resorfull.nice job
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    intarsia motorcycle

    I really like that.
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    some of my work

    Wow really nice work
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    Hell's teeth...not ANOTHER box!

    Really like the box
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    Panel tissue box.

    Looking good