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    Time for a new Drill & Impact driver....what's your thoughts?

    Had the Makita 18v drill/driver+impact for about 15 years and used daily. Never missed a beat, batteries still going strong - highly recommended.
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    Used Electric Cars

    In case it's of interest we have a 4yo Renault Zoe, done >60K miles so far (from new), real world range of 150 miles and the battery has degraded very little compared to when we bought it. No problems, cheap as chips to charge and run. Also a quick check on ebay shows it's not lost much value...
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    I don't think they would believe it nowadays?

    I've had that in my house these past few days!
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    How would you rate the UK's handling of this pandemic?

    If anyone is interested in a lengthy analysis of what was and wasn't available when, and decisions made versus information available it is here: A timeline of the UK government’s response to the Coronavirus crisis
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    blum movento one side not closing fully

    I've had a few dodgy blum drawer slides in the past - try swapping it out for another one and if it works it's a dud.
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    Vertical shutter lifts

    Mine certainly have a pair of shutters which cover both windows, but I can see how there might be a single one for privacy. Some (normal) horizontal shutters only go partway up the ground floor window, especially in later (Victorian) houses.
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    Alcove Storage - WIP Lots of Piccies

    Sure DM me and I'll try and look them out...
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    Drive Belt for Scheppach HMS260

    Gosh it was a while ago but IIRC I put it on the larger wheel then used a large screwdriver to lever it on to the shaft. Old one came off easily as it was very worn. Good luck! Henry
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    Window shutters and boxes - first project - WIP

    The way mine work is that there are extra slides in the window frames for the shutters to run in, complete with pulleys and sash cord and weights, just like for windows (Pic 1). The shutters run in these grooves (Pic 2). When you push them down they go below the level of the floor, which is...
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    Window shutters and boxes - first project - WIP

    Sorry yes still around but just the general busyness of life gets in the way! House renovations still ongoing... In the end didn't paint them as wanted to enjoy the wood from the first project (sorry!). Also of course I hadn't allowed for the windows being massively out of square but it's close...
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    Vertical shutter lifts

    Hi Nigel, I don't believe they interlock in any way at all - they are quite close together but a parting bead's width apart. I have looked at others and not seen any sign of this. Mine certainly don't. As regards fixings the sash pulleys are nailed in to a rebate on the sides and then drop...
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    Drive Belt for Scheppach HMS260

    Yes it worked fine and has been running on it ever since, no problems. Sorry for not updating the topic. Merry Christmas to all! Henry
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    Traditional Casement Window

    I bought a narrow sash ovolo cutter from Wealdon Tool Co - Part no T1352-1/2, which I put in my router table, then ran the glazing bars and rail/stile pieces over that to form the moulding. The other side (for the glass) is just a rabbet. Was trying to match them to some 200 year old windows and...
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    Alcove Storage - WIP Lots of Piccies

    Hutzul - the wood was all from Associated Timber Services near Grantham. Thanks all. Henry
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    Alcove Storage - WIP Lots of Piccies

    I've been making some clothes and toy storage for my son on either side of the chimney breast. I'd like to say big thanks to various people and threads on here that have given me ideas and inspired me, especially Armstrong Jordan and Brad Naylor. So, we have a standard-issue chimney breast...