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    110volt trasnsformer

    Hi Blister, This is by no means unusual, I find that if you leave the socket on and reset the breaker it stay in on the first or second attempt. If you swop the mcb for a C type these require a much lower earth loop reading. Regards Soapy.
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    I have the B&Q one and have had some good results with water based eggshell. I did find that I had to thin down a looooong way to get it to run through the viscosity cup, DaveL, you could cut a section out of the washer and close it with super glue. Works a treat. Regards Soapy
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    Scheppach HA2600

    Does anybody have experience of the above machine. I currently have a camvac style extractor which has 2 x 750w motors, how will the scheppach compare with a 600w motor ?
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    neon screwdrivers

    A neon tester which works on the same principle is still the prefered weapon for checking polarity at the consumers cutout.
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    Forum users' Planers & Thicknessers

    Axminster CT330.
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    Forum users' Table saws

    Scheppach 2500 cast iron model.
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    Forum users dust collectors and shop vacs

    Something bigger & quieter Camvac lookalike 110v 2 x 750w unit.
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    Forum Users Routers

    Trend T9 & Bosch 900 ACE for hand held. Trend T11 in the table.
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    PC Reset problem

    Hi John, I too have had this problem. I'm with aol as well and have a netgear router and have traced the cause to the connection dropping which seems to make the computer restart. I ran the machine with the router turned off and had no problems. The service really seems to have gone down hill...
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    Transporting 8x4 plywood

    I put half of my aluminium ladder on each side of the roof rack and lay the boards on that, keeps it all nice and secure.
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    Joining M12 bar

    Hello Old Try electrical or plumbing wholesalers for stud connectors. You might struggle for 12mm as 10 & 8 are more commonly used but if you can't get a sensible quantity I may have some 10mm I can send you. Regards Soapy.
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    Help me before the sparks start to fly...

    Hi all I had a conservation with a work colleague who is closely involved with the certification of electricians for Part P. He confirmed that the council cannot make an additional charge for the inspection but he added that the latest ploy was to give distant appointment dates and say that work...
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    removing coving

    Hi Andy I recently removed coving from a bedroom using a Bosch percussion drill with a cold chisel attachment. You need a machine with a rotary stop for this to work but it made lighter work of it. My coving had been applied to an old ceiling with a few coats of paint and scratched up to give a...
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    Setting a sliding carraige dead square

    Hi Scrit Very usefull post, thanks. Regards Soapy
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    Hazardous waste question

    Woodbloke Surely a skip is the right place for a tv with a reality prog on it.