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  1. Snettymakes

    Bowed MDF

    with Sammy's reassurance that I could force it back in to shape, I figured before painting the other side (turns out I couldn't be pineapples to do that either) I'd just give that a go. I over bent it back in the other direction for a few hours and then weighed it down in place and by the...
  2. Snettymakes

    Help needed! Scaffold board table top, salvageable salvage?

    I hope that you will provide us with updates on how you resolve this
  3. Snettymakes

    Spraying advice - total newby

    I've heard said that the cheap guns create a finish that is perfectly acceptable for wood (more expensive guns required for cars and exotic paints), which obviously gives you the opportunity to have multiple guns on the go. Time is money. Cleaning for me is warm soapy water. I find the gun...
  4. Snettymakes

    Help needed! Scaffold board table top, salvageable salvage?

    The crack is caused by the two screws either side of it preventing the board from shrinking. I'd echo timothyedoran suggestion of making the best of what you've got. Most of woodworking is figuring out how to solve mistakes, so I'd treat this as a learning experience and see what you can...
  5. Snettymakes

    So, do most of you use sketch up for your designs?

    Whilst I would prefer to use something like Fusion360, I use Shapr3D on the iPad with an Apple Pencil. It's really nice to be able to use something on the iPad as I can tinker with designs whilst watching TV in the evening. Much easier to show get approval from the wife as well rather than...
  6. Snettymakes

    Interesting response from Screwfix

    ahhh I wonder why there was such a glut of Titan planers on eBay. People cashing in on their unused machinery whilst the price is good I guess.
  7. Snettymakes

    Bowed MDF

    thank you 🙏🏼 I really couldn't be pineappled to remake it.
  8. Snettymakes

    Bowed MDF

    I have nearly completed a built in desk that features a trough (with "lids") along the back for wires. The trough becomes just a lid in the middle to allow access for a radiator that the desk sits on top of. I had planned on adding vent holes, but not got around to it yet. The lid is made from...
  9. Snettymakes

    Is this Ekki/Azobe?

    Looking at photos online, it does have a similar shimmer to the face, but possibly less uniform, and the grain doesn't seem so tight on what I've bought. Allegedly the boards came from decommissioned French wagons, maybe that helps identification?
  10. Snettymakes

    What to do with this 3x3 block?

    A bandsaw box
  11. Snettymakes

    Is this Ekki/Azobe?

  12. Snettymakes

    Is this Ekki/Azobe?

    I picked up a length of reclaimed Azobe at the weekend. I chucked it through the planet which just about coped and the result is an incredible orange wood, which seems at odds with the descriptions of “reddish / violet brown” that I’ve seen online. Can anybody confirm that this is in fact...
  13. Snettymakes

    Router Bench

    I particularly like the coloured mdf, it very much changes the look. I've enjoyed Dennis's use of black (charcoal?) MDF.
  14. Snettymakes

    Chess Cabinet

    I like that very much, good inspiration!
  15. Snettymakes


    Can anybody recommend any books that give a comprehensive overview of finishing types and suitable applications? I find myself rather lost on the subject and would like at least a cursory understanding.