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    Dismantling/adapting furniture.

    Hi. It is nothing fancy from what I can make out, bog standard pine furniture. It seems a shame to dump it, when somebody could do something with it to get it up the stairs.
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    Dismantling/adapting furniture.

    My son has just moved house and has some furniture that is to big to go up the stairs. He was going to get rid of the furniture but I have suggested that he looks for a local woodworker who could dismantle and adapt it for them. If anybody knows of someone in the Hythe Kent area I would be...
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    Fred Dibnah's Building of Britain

    Very watchable. I caught the episode "The Age of the Carpenter". Well worth a watch.
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    Time to pack it all in....

    I worked for Customs for over 30 years and would strongly warn people who are on the fiddle. As they say they always get their man. They will notice everything. Trends in income, the new van on the drive, nothing goes unnoticed and they can go back 6 years. What's more they will be more than...
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    House build

    Please keep posting. Looks a great project.
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    Wood for bird table.

    I make a lot of bird feeders to sell at craft fairs. I always use chestnut. I find it is lovely to work with, it is not heavy and it is very resistant to the weather.
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    A little thread of calm?

    Cannot recommend the Kindle paper white enough. We have had ours for 4 years now and would say they heve been one of the best value for money things we have bought. On top of that it also possible to buy books for not a lot of money. We follow an author L J Ross. Detective/thrillers set in...
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    I bought the cheapest chainsaw, 6 month review

    I agree with Lazurus. Following my post on what chaisaw people were using I went for the Timberpro 58cc. I have to say I have been very impressed. It cost me 99€ plus 14€ delivery. It more than meets my demands. I have taken down several large fruit trees a couple of field maple and thinned...
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    WiFi Radio; any good ?

    We have got a Roberts Stream 105 and it has been excellent. I understand that people use their phones now, but it is Nice to have the radio, the sound quality is better And volume range is greater.
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    What chainsaw.

    My Timberpro chainsaw arrived yesterday and I have to say I am pleased with my choice. As a rule I steer clear of "Made in China" when possible, but felt that by buying a Stihl At the lower end of their range I was still buying Chinese. I only need the chainsaw for hedge thinning for our...
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    What chainsaw.

    Many thanks for all your thoughts. The Chinese cheapie is ordered and I have about 10/12 cubic metres of logs to cut. Having read your comments I will keep my old Stihl and rebuild it for next winter. It is a shame that the big names seem to have become more reliant on Chinese manufacture at...
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    What chainsaw.

    For the last 14 years I have used Stihl chainsaws. The last one has been a bit disappointing. I have had carburettor problems but when I was taking it apart All the throttle and choke mechanisms were plastic and completely worn out. A quick look on the internet showed that Stihl and...
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    The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts

    I agree the copper clock for me was the standout piece. I am not a big fan of the judging but for me this piece would have won.
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    In Praise of the No 6 Plane

    Another vote for the number 6. I had a full range of planes except the six. Fortunately I was given a Record number 6 last year and have not looked back. Like the OP It is my plane of choice. Mike
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    Most used thing you have ever made.

    A TV/video cabinet. I made it about 30 years ago. It has been in constant use since. It was the first piece of furniture I made and the mistakes I made stare out at me now. One day I will replace it, but my wife is strangely fond of it.