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    Sat Nav Recommendations

    I have a garmin street pilot, works pretty well & I didn't have to pay for updates. Don't know if the Nuvi has the same luxury though. cheers, sliv. :)
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    Hi Rob, Welcome to the forum. I said in my reply to your pm that these people were friendly & helpful didn't I? Hope you're more in the know now, it's a bit bewildering at first when you see all these strange bits & pieces but it all becomes clear once you are shown & get into using...
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    It's a girl!

    Congratulations Gidon & family. She beautiful sliver & mrs sliver :D
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    Child labour in action.......

    Just SOOOO precious!!!! Our Daughter & her partner are currently working on making me a Granddad.........Can't wait, hope it happens soon. I remember happy times when she was little & her Dad was her hero.....Then came the teen years :shock: .......Now she's nearly 27, we are closer & I am one...
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    Have you heard the word? Love the line from Stewie, "Thank you, when the world is mine, your death will be quick & painless". sliv. :lol: Sorry, better just add, not for viewing by children.
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    Roger, I could tell you stories you just would not believe.... :lol: :lol:
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    First picture ( I hope)

    Nice job there sir. 8)
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    Why is dyslexia such a difficult word to spell?? Kind of rubs it in a bit. :lol:
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    My Doctor has told me I have C.D.O.......Well, he wrote O.C.D.on the notes but I rearranged the letters into alphabetical order........AS THEY SHOULD BE!!! :lol: :lol: Cracks me up that does.
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    How NOT to use a recipricating saw

    Wow Matt, thanks for the tip......That's saved me a few quid having to replace the dull blade on my circular saw. :lol: :lol: Some of these blokes defy reason.
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    How NOT to use a recipricating saw

    As said in the American teen movies; EEEEEWWWWWW!!!! Seriously, there are some good vids on expert village, but there is also a lot of........No sliv, family site :oops: :lol:
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    Eight Days A Week

    Greetings your Lordship, Retired is it?? Plenty of spare time are they?? :lol: I thought the same thing when I went from working full time to part-time. 20 hrs a week thinks I? A doddle, (Yeah, Right). Phone rings, Daughter: Can I have a lift to.......?? Phone...
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    Bit of fun game , buttocks or elbow ?

    11/14 I'm sure a politician would claim an 'overall victory'. :lol:
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    oooh, not good!!

    Thanks Roy Sliv. :)
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    bright ideas?

    Mrs. s wrote:I do have a few ideas milling around my brain, RUN,RUN for you lives!!!!........Save yourselves!!!!! :shock: :lol: