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    Is there any trick to make unscrewing easier from old wood?

    Heat the screws up. The hotter the better. They will expand and contract and be easy to remove. I wouldn't use steam.
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    Do NOT buy this model

    That's exactly what I do. The only thing I leave on is the oil filled radiator set on low.
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    Microsoft Onedrive lost my files ?

    There are 3 types of people in the IT world. Those that have lost data, those that will, & those that have done both. I fall into the both category. Never trust anyone else's computer, which is what cloud backup is. I have a NAS drive which is set up in a RAID configuration and everything IT in...
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    Electric vehicles - again

    I'd say quieter than an ICE
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    Electric vehicles - again

    Here's an example. I've had an EV for 14 months. Range is stated as 278 miles. Real world I get circa 250. I charge overnight between 00:30 & 04:30 which costs 5p per kH. Recently drove from North Essex to Southampton docks which is 140 miles, starting with 88% charge, and had 40% charge left on...
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    Aldi Bandsaw ( new model) coming soon. Buy it or choose other model

    Mine arrived yesterday. It's in the workshop but wont be set up until I return from holiday. Have ordered the 3/8" premium blade for Tuff. ;)
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    Aldi Bandsaw ( new model) coming soon. Buy it or choose other model

    Ordered mine on the 22nd. Email confirmation says item will be delivered in 2-7 working days and " Well send you a tracking link once your order is on its way. The courier will update you about your delivery, via phone or email, once your order leaves our warehouse". So hopefully delivered next...
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    Energy Saving

    I've been in the construction industry for 30 years as a mechanical engineer designing large heating and ventilation systems. On the global warming/carbon neutral issue there are a couple points that baffle me. 1st one is Govt pushing heat pumps. 70% of our housing stock is pre 1950 (cold and...
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    Suggestions for future heating system

    Interesting thread which I've been following along with. I'm in a 4 bed detached in Essex built circa 1982. Cavity Wall Insulation, 150mm Loft insulation, Double glazed with GCH. Only me & the missus rattling around in the place. Energy costs this coming year are going to be circa 1,500 - 2,000...
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    House Buying - Advice?

    I don't think buyers of new houses know exactly what they are letting themselves in for. When you look at the materials used, (mostly lightweight) the speed at which developers build them, the very lax building control, we (from my perspective) seem to be building the slums of the future. I...
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    Record Power TS2 Sliding Table Saw

    Wish I had a workshop big enough. :)
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    Sold CLarke 10" planer thicknesser

    Martin, I'd be interested. where in the country are you?
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    Pva for Iron on veneering

    Don't use anything other than Pearl Glue. Nothing else comes close. You'll need a glue pot and you need to work reasonably fast. Glue stinks but if you f**k up just place the iron (or heat gun) back on and reposition the veneer. Also use a veneer hammer for removing bubbles if you get them. I've...
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    mobile phone scam - beware!

    When I gat a scam call I mention to them that the number they have called is a police officers. They never call back.