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    Yet another wood ID

    Which photo Tanglefoot20? I emailed the tree surgeon to see what they said. 1 & 1a = Willow 2 & 2a = Maybe sycamore 3 & 3a = London Plane 5 & 5a = Sycamore
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    Yet another wood ID

    Thanks all will try and post some better end grain photos.
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    Yet another wood ID

    Maybe sycamore? Which photo??
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    Yet another wood ID

    Hi All Local tree surgeons allowed me free pick of there mixed pile. Here's photos of the one i don't know Any help would be much appreciated. End grain of log is previous photo (if that makes sense)!!!! I think log4 is Ash. Interested to find out what #5 is Geoff
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    Miterset for Segmenting

    Nobody got one or know of anyone?
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    Miterset for Segmenting

    Hi All Rutlands are selling this item for £70 + P+P Wondering if anyone owns one and there thoughts. I have a Dewalt DWE7491 job-site T/S and the table runners are 19.4mm(0.763"), I thought I read this only works for 19.05mm(3/4") but can't seem find this info now. Currently using a Wedgie sled...
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    Record Power join the Made in Britain organisation

    There's plenty of small engineering companies here in the uk who would love this kind of contract. The really large companies have gone for good, but the skill base is still there for now at least.
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    Large Forstner bits (55mm plus)

    Have you tried Fleabay, I've bought cheap chinese carbide and they do an ok job in end grain!!
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    Table Saw Blades

    I've used cutting solutions and been very happy. Not the cheapest, but loads of carbide for the cutter grinders to work with. Doug Perry has always been very helpful when I've needed a question answering.
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    Table saw blade

    I buy my blades from Cutting Solutions, not the cheapest but there is lots of carbide there to be re-sharpened. Drop them an email very helpful, don't know how up to date the web-site is!!!
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    P/T woes

    I have the Metabo HC260c and have just had to purchase a new belt (about £25 incl P+P). When comparing the two belts I thought I'd been sent the wrong replacement. But went ahead and fitted replacement, wow. I did ask Metabo if there is adjustment on this belt and there isn't ? I think I...
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    Tips for dowel making jig?

    Izzy Swann also has vids on YouTube. There's plenty of ideas, some more practical than others for you needs.
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    In the market for a planer / thicknesser bur budget upto £700 ish

    I've got the Metabo HC260c which is the same as the PT. The fence in planing mode has to checked each time you use it for square. Thicknessing is ok. I would like to change to spiral cutter head, maybe one day.
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    Drill bits with countersink?

    I've got the Trend https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trend-Snappy-TCT-Metric-Screw-Countersink-and-Depth-Stop-4mm/164617322849?epid=1406262063&hash=item2653f50161:g:pm0AAOSwxMVfKZXq and also the 5mm version, I find once set that's it and they don't damage the surface. Not cheap but cheaper than...