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  1. Skingdom

    Mig welder advice

    You must your safety ahead of anything else while welding!
  2. Skingdom

    Bringing goods from the EU

    let's hope so
  3. Skingdom

    excess deaths around 1928?

    it was certainly due to infant mortality
  4. Skingdom

    Peter Sefton Long Courses

    those courses actually helped you?! I am pretty new to this domain and I am also looking to take some courses
  5. Skingdom

    How to Line Boxes & Drawers

    Yeah, I know these guys they are really great
  6. Skingdom

    Mig welder advice

    In case you are a beginner, don't you think that a Tig welder would be a better choice actually? However, if you actually think that you actually need a MIG welder, I can recommend you the Eastwood MIG . It costs around 300 bucks actually. It is really good, my dad is using such a welder. In my...