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    Speedy recovery..
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    Water hammer?

    It sounds to me as if you have air in the pipes and need to add an air vent. HEre in the US it is normal to install air vents through the roof to allow waste gases somewhere to go. These also helps to prevent the hammering. There are also smaller vents available to allow air to escape the...
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    Ah, glad you got it. You could also look here for info about using it.
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    It looks like it isn't installed correctly. Did you look at the link Shultzy supplied? You should have both the cutlist.rb file and a folder called "cutlist." It would appear that you didn't extract the contents of the ZIP file correctly. What OS are you using?
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    Shultzy's given you excellent guidance. If you still don't have it working we'll take the next step. Make a screen shot of your Plugins directory and post it or PM it to me. Do you have the Plugins menu showing on the menu line? If not, go to Window>Preferences>Extensions and tick all the...
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    A Little Morning Practice

    Thanks, Neil. And yes, I always need practice. I'm always working to improve my drawings.
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    CutList plugin. There you go
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    If you like demolition footage...

    I remember watching the High Bridge being blown up in 1985. In fact it was the 27th anniversary of it on Friday. It was kind of interesting but a bit anticlimactic.
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    What to do with your ashes?

    I remember reading a story some years ago by a pilot who built a small plane similar to a Cub. There was a guy who liked to hang around the hangar where this guy was building the plane and he'd offer to help work on it. He talked about getting to go for a ride but a week or so before the plane...
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    What to do with your ashes?

    I want to the same thing as my college woodworking professor had. Minus the urinal cake, though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOYpkStnk3I I'll go out with a bang. :D
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    sketchup query - pulling component up to another

    Simon, I missed this question before. You don't need any plugins to do this. Depending on how the photograph is made, you'll import the image in one of two ways. One would be to import it as a texture and apply it to a face you've drawn to be the wall. The other option might be to use Match...
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    American Type Clamp heads at Axmin.

    ww, you are correct. I should have said cast steel. In the US it is still often referred to as "black iron pie." John, best of luck. One thing I would suggest when you buy the pipe is to get couplers, too. Then you can put pieces together when needed to make longer pipes
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    American Type Clamp heads at Axmin.

    John, FWIW the pipe we use over here for the clamps is typically black cast iron although we can get galvanized iron pipe as well. It is typical in gas installations and fairly inexpensive. If you don't have success finding the pipe you need, perhaps I can help although the shipping would...
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    Sizing Bolts

    What's your router table insert? Who made it? Is there some place locally that sells hardware like that? Perhaps you could take one with you and find a match. If it's imperial stuff and you can't get it locally, I can probably help you out.
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    Using Flickr

    Brian, I've got a Picasa album, too. It's handy because it can be uploaded to from Picasa but it isn't quite as straightforward to use the images in forums as Flickr makes it. You can copy the image URL by right clicking on the image and then pasting it between the IMG tags. It looks like...