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    Project ideas for old oak planks

    I have ten of these planks and the dimensions, to give respect to the makers in imperial are 6'6'', 4'', and 1/2 inch thickness. So 2000mm by 100mm (ish) by 12. I have no idea what I can do with them. I was thinking at first as a coffee table top but as they are only 12mm thickness that...
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    New member with a simple question

    Thanks for all your answers. From what you have advised I am guessing that it's a plain sawn Douglas Fir. I chopped the end today so here is the end grain but I didn't get the slightest whiff of pine odour; perhaps it's the age of the timber? Could therefore be Yellow Pine
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    New member with a simple question

    This pine board, what's the cut called that results in this grain pattern? Is it Quartersawn? thanks