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    The Chop, Sky History (Sky 123)Thuesday 15th 9:00

    I thought the 88 tattoo was for his love of larger ladies and bingo.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Last thing I made was trying Resin Coasters using a piece of oak flooring and Iron Maiden Trooper beer bottle tops. May have to drink more beer and try again.
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    Soft Resin Coaster.

    May have been too cold in the shed for the first night before I brought them into the house. I'll see how they go in the next few days. Thanks.
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    Soft Resin Coaster.

    It’s a Chinese one From “SigWong” high gloss crystal clear, 1:1 mix ratio. I’ll give it a few days and if it doesn’t harden I’ll have to drink more beer and try again;).
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    Soft Resin Coaster.

    I’ve had a go at making some beer bottle top coasters covered in clear resin and was wondering how long it takes for resin to harden. The resin feels dry but I can mark it with my finger nail without much pressure. I did the first pour on Sunday to set the tops and part cover, then did a final...
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    Track saw splinter strip

    I bought the Evolution tracks from Screwfix (with the clamps and bag) and they work great with the Lidle Parkside saw.
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    Lidl Table saw and Bench Drill.

    Just noticed the "Middle of Lidl" on 2nd August have their diy offers on again and instead of the usual Scheppach dressed as Parkside, they are having the proper Scheppach Table saw £99.99 (£50 cheaper than RRP) and a Scheppach Bench drill £69.99 (almost half RRP price).
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    Swallows and bats

    May have been a Short Eared Owl, they often hunt during the day and are quite large.
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    Colouring white gloss.

    My 8 year niece has asked me to make a box out of of an old pine bookcase. So I've cut the wood, used dowels to to make the box, sanded the old varnish back to bare wood and put a coat of undercoat that I had in the back of the cupboard. She would like it painted a light purple/lilac colour. We...
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    Musically Beyond The Pale

    Can't decide which grates on me most, Freestyle Jazz, Bollywood music or Grime or as I call it Grimm (among other things that would have me banned from the forum). :x :evil: .
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    New parkside scrollsaw

    Yeah that’s the one, two pages of English text followed by twenty pages of other languages :lol:.
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    New parkside scrollsaw

    I staple my receipts in the back page of the manual and keep them in a folder in the workshop/shed :D .
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    Another Joke

    Prince Charles is self isolating at Balmoral with Covid 19. Prince Andrew is self isolating at Windsor with Jennifer 14.
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    Silicone lubricant.

    There is no friction as such on the track saw,I just read that PTFE lubricant can make it smoother and help stop any dust clinging to the track. I’ll also use it on the cutters and saw blades to protect against rust. Glen.
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    Silicone lubricant.

    In the back of a box today I found tin of silicone free Graphite Oil. Is that the same as PTFE spray??? Glen.