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    Naerok WL12037

    Hopefully the pic will upload
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    Naerok WL12037

    I'll take a pic to upload later as it's different to those above. Main difference is that the sliding bar along the length of the lathe is a solid metal pole which slots into the motos side Thanks for the replies Sean
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    Naerok WL12037

    Hi Everyone, After a very long break from the forum due t family commitments etc I have just taken delivery of a Naerok WL12037 lathe. I understand it's quite an old lathe, but I'm hoping it will keep me entertained for quite some time. I have a few questions and wondered if anyone could help...
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    Who Got Their Copy Of Harry Potter Today?

    Started reading it at 10.30 this morning (from asda for a fiver), just finished it now. Enjoy the read for anyone whos still going ;)
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    Desk Pen holder

    post it notes come in an amazingly large variety of shapes, especially if like me, you work in pharacy. Drug reps are always dropping in pads with their drugs on. My personal favorite is the viagra one, which is just a huge viagra tablet. If you need an odly shaped one, let me know nd i'll...
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    Your best books of 2007 so far.

    absolutely anything by raymond e feist robin hobb terry brooks Salvatore Terry Pratchett
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    Tools @ Aldi (Sunday 15th July)

    ooh lip gloss and ladyshaves as well. Think i'll get the table saw if theres any left. Thanks for the info
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    Wood Query

    hey shaun, shame you cant make it this weekend. Incidentally neither can i, again, im at a wedding in scotland. Duncan, are you going this weekend, if so can you send apologies from me. I was in keenleysides yesterday looking at the lathes for sale on the borad, but the cheapest one had sold...
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    pen turning.

    ok after many attempts (2 or 3) to get a decent 2nd hand lathe, i've given up (for now). Initially i was wanting to make pens and then move up in size once i got the hang of it. I have seen some small lathes going quite cheap, but what do i need for pen turning ie can anyone recommend a decent...
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    DVD Burning & AVI/DIVX To DVD Converting Software

    as far as i remember it must have cos the wedding video we did on a didital camcorder did avi files and we got it onto dvd, i'll see if ic an do it again and let you know
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    DVD Burning & AVI/DIVX To DVD Converting Software

    personally i just use nero and find it fine
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    Steam, the letting off thereof

    find the local car breaker yard and get a second hand pump, buy a haynes and fit it yourself, or get a mechanic to just fit it. remember if its a deisel pump you need to syphon the fuel trhough before firign it up
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    CPU temperature

    they do get quite hot, especially without aheatsink as shown here
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    Alf's next purchase...

    do i detect a sweepstake in the making ;)
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    Pale newt

    try the springwatch websirte on the bbc, if not my mate gets back from his hols tomorrow and works as a park ranger, ill ask him