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    Finger joints ache from clamping blades

    Hi kstano83 ... Have you considered using the same type of locking lever on the EX21 used for the angle lock ? That lever is called in the UK, a Bristol lever and also commonly called an index lever. It's by far the easiest and best option for people who are looking for a quicker way to...
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    Martin is no longer able to use his Hegner

    Hi Martin..... This saddens me to hear about your health problems. I know from your many posts here over time how scrolling was important, not just to you, but for the benefit of this forum. Although you can no longer scroll, please, with the help of your wife, give this forum the benefit of...
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    Antikythera mechanism

    Awesome work Mechanism Man and if I remember correctly, you previously stated your, 'weapon of choice is a Rexon VS4003A'. That makes it even more awesome as it shows what can be achieved on a relatively cheap scrollsaw. Knowing that you are building such a complex mechanism with a budget saw...
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    some scroll saw elements in this

    Wow Col, your skill and ability to make something like that work is inspiring. You never cease to amaze with what you make and I for one applaud you !! =D> =D> =D>
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    Hobbies suffolk

    Hi AES & Scrimper. After reading your posts I was intrigued about the 'Hobbies' story and especially the museum. I did a quick search but found no reference to an existing museum run by Hobbies. However, I did find a very informative timeline of events about Hobbies in the link below ...
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    Very nice work Brian and something to be proud of. Looking forward to your next project.
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    One for the pyrography fans - hot air pyrography

    Nice find Martin and very interesting to watch. The nozzel he's using looks like an artist doing airbrushing and it's a shame he didn't show what the other nozzels can do. Very impressive though !
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    Victim of the Rollers...

    Hello Kierri. The plastic sleeves as supplied on the AWFS18 are designed as sacrificial components. The reason for this is twofold. First, it allows the company (as with most companies !) to make exorbitant profit from really cheap spare parts ! Second and most importantly, the sleeves are...
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    Had a Little practice.

    Waka, as I don't know the size blade you used to cut with, I can only suggest you try the next size down. As I said in my previous reply, it's not essential but jigsaws tend to look better if the gaps aren't overly large. Carter Johnson ( a member here who no longer posts) is a master of making...
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    Scroll saw addiction

    The quote above is from another thread but I felt it needed a new thread to address the problem of scroll saw addiction ! Hey Brian. I know the feeling. I also visited a counsellor because of my scroll saw addiction and here's what he said. "My advice with this or any other full blown...
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    Photo locket

    Really nice small scale scrolling there and I like it a lot.
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    Had a Little practice.

    Hello Waka. For a first time effort you've done great ! Maybe use a smaller blade next time to get closer fit but it's not essential. =D>
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    Scroll saw bench plans

    Absolutely Rob. A 4 legged stand needs a totally flat floor to be effective. A 3 legged stand will always find it's own stability thus making it a good choice if you intend moving it around on varying levels of uneven floor.
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    Question for you all.

    Maybe not conclusive but there are a lot of 'Right' signals coming in so far...Hmm ?
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    To build or not to build.....

    Hello John. If we could see the plans maybe we could help ?