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    Cast iron outdoor chair refurbishment - threaded inserts and machine screws?

    I have used threaded inserts to refurb a teak slatted/steel framed table and chairs. They are the best solution. you can get stainless steel threaded inserts and obviously bolts and washers. The SS inserts are more expensive, but probably the best - otherwise they are some alloy I think. I...
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    Help with machining sockets

    Thank you for the comments and input. I have concluded that it was fanciful to machine a hex recess in the hardened socket, so will go with Plan A which is to link another socket with a double 1/2” square drive connector. For the hex spigot, I just ground the 14mm down to fit the square drive...
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    Help with machining sockets

    Hello I have treated myself to a shiny new drill press - a Nova Voyager dvr - that is very nice (and clever). My previous drill press was a Record Power model that I was happy with for years. The Voyager has more power and lots of electronic wizardry that is great, but one change I am less...
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    Nail finder

    I don’t know about the Little Wizard, but I have a Lumber Wizard (what’s good enough for Norm Abram....). I have found it foolproof and completely reliable - it will find tiny fragments of rusty nail embedded deep in the wood. I bought mine about 20 years ago and don’t know if they are...
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    How Close To Edge?

    I was going to suggest something similar to @Sgian Dubh above, except I was thinking of a full height lining to the reveal - depending on height/no of shelves, you could probably get away with 1/2” ply for the reveals. (I would probably then go OTT with an architrave strip to cover any wonky...
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    Sold Victorian Architectural Details - FTAGH - “SOLD”

    OK @sammy.se - it‘s yours. Ill send it as soon as you pm me your details (or should that be “continue the conversation by sending me your details”? Cheers
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    Joyce - Furniture Making - FTAGH - “SOLD”

    OK @bp122 - I have your details, thanks, so will get this sent off in the next day or so. Cheers
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    Modern Practical Joinery - Ellis FTAGH - “SOLD”

    OK - I didn’t hear from @bonzo, so it is yours @jimmy_s . Send me your details and it will be on its way. Cheers
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    Dado Arbor

    I don’t have any actual experience of using a dado stack (but plenty experience of watching Norm use one). I have a Scheppach table saw for which I have long had a 2-part groover similar to the CMT set suggested above - this was sold by Scheppach for use on this saw, but is a Leitz product...
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    Sold Victorian Architectural Details - FTAGH - “SOLD”

    This is the third book kindly given to me by @SBJ that I already have, so I would like to pass it on to someone who is interested. It is a reprint of an American design catalogue with mostly high Victorian architectural details. Please say if you would like it - I will cover the cost of UK...
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    Joyce - Furniture Making - FTAGH - “SOLD”

    Another book I was generously given by @SBJ - I have it already and so I would like to pass this on to someone who is interested. Please say if you would like it - I will cover the cost of UK postage, just please do someone else a favour in return. Cheers
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    Modern Practical Joinery - Ellis FTAGH - “SOLD”

    Hello I was the grateful recipient of a generous book clear-out by @SBJ a while ago. I have only just got my hands on them due to our pandemic situation. Anyway, I am just working through them - this Ellis book I already have and so I would like to pass on the one I received. In the original...
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    Nova Lathe, Bed Extension, Unused SOLD

    Ach - pipped to the post! I would very much like this, and could collect, but will have to see Custard’s response to Steve. cheers
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    I've bought a Woodrat

    @GrahamH - good buy. I have had a Woodrat for years. It doesn't get used very heavily - I now have a really good router table that I use more and also I invested alot of time in a Matthias Wandel screw advance table saw finger joint jig - so I don't use the Woodrat so much for finger joints...
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    Bluetooth/FM enabled ear-defenders

    I have a pair of Bose QC35 noise cancelling headphones. They are maybe a bit pricey, but really very good. I use these in the workshop when machining, with just noise cancelling function - I don’t usually like to listen to stuff whilst machining, as I prefer to concentrate on keeping my fingers...