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  1. Sandyn

    Window frame mould removal advice

    Hi Designer, I see you are fairly new to the forum. Welcome!!! I somehow feel as if I should apologise for how the thread has developed. It is nothing to do with you. Hopefully you will get lots of helpful suggestions. I think both ideas are good, ventilation/ paint, but my experience with...
  2. Sandyn

    Screwfix, what an utter pain in the proverbial

    the difference between a TVR3 and a TVR4 is TVR1!! easy!!!
  3. Sandyn

    Screwfix, what an utter pain in the proverbial

    I can really sympathise with you. It think it's nothing to do with Screwfix . It's more that you had something you REALLY needed to achieve, then all these problems start to prevent you from achieving that goal. Happens to me all the time. My computer is very very reliable, until there is...
  4. Sandyn

    What thickness cladding should I use?

    I just used 150 x 18mm treated sarking, overlapped, then coated with a preservative paint. It will outlast me.
  5. Sandyn

    Joke thread

    At last!! I now have my own Screwfix/Toolstation comparison site.
  6. Sandyn

    Redecorating and radiators

    This probably won't help you, but when I plumbed in my radiators, I made sure the inlet and outlet pipes were in line with the valves and had a few inches straight run below the floor. When I decorate, I turn the valve off at each end, slacken the fittings at least a turn. Lift the radiator off...
  7. Sandyn

    Air compressor won’t pressurise up - help?

    I had an identical problem a couple of weeks ago. It was the diaphragm in the on/off switch as clogs says. I was really lucky I had kept the switch off an old failed compressor and was able to replace it and get the compressor going again.
  8. Sandyn

    Joke thread

    I bought some of that invisible tape this morning. Got home, took it out of the pack, now I can't find it:mad:
  9. Sandyn


    generally, Giffgaff are very good. Owned by O2. I have a SIM contract and it's been a pleasure being with them. Very flexible.
  10. Sandyn

    Replacement switch/ Motor Issue!?

    Contact ETA and ask for the replacement part which is the closest match to the 3120-F32F-H7T1-SGRX-8A. It will possibly be a 3120-N3 2 D P7 T1 S GRD 8A, You must confirm that with ETA. I just had a quick check. Didn't compare cut-out curves and guessing some others
  11. Sandyn

    Replacement switch/ Motor Issue!?

    ETA switch. Unfortunately seems to be discontinued, but may be available at some distributors. (US unfortunately). The part number is: 3120-F32F-H7T1-SGRX-8A. It is a thermal switch, so a 10A is not suitable. It must be 8A to ensure safe cutout. EDIT:- just noticed no stock at allied, RS or...
  12. Sandyn

    anyone got 13 grand for a turntable?

    Ahhhhh....'I wish Festool made HiFi'....... I can hear people say!!!
  13. Sandyn

    anyone got 13 grand for a turntable?

    I got 200m of that for £40 when my local Maplin closed down :ROFLMAO:
  14. Sandyn

    anyone got 13 grand for a turntable?

    I always wondered why manufacturers didn't close the loop on HiFi system, so you could tune the system to the room. Imagine what could be done now with multi channel processor controlled systems.....Nah!!! MP3's on my phone with bone conduction headphones are fine!
  15. Sandyn

    anyone got 13 grand for a turntable?

    Top end HiFi is a chase for perfection, which most people never achieve, but that's part of the enjoyment. There used to be HIFi shows, which were just amazing fun. There is nothing like them now, not in Scotland. Years ago, when I was into HiFi, I had a room set up with all my gear. Detached...