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    My chiselling accident...

    Having had to have those tendons repaired myself, I say well done on stopping where you did. Clean cuts can take a while to knit back together, do be patient with it.
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    Old induction motor - direction reversal

    This might be useful reading - I refurbed a drill with a single phase capacitor-less induction motor. https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/threads/startrite-bantam-drill-refurb.123627 You can identify the starter/auxiliary winding as it has a higher resistance than the main winding. I found it helpful...
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    Picked up a woodster 2 (Inca euro 260) today

    Looks like an Inca. The knob that winds the guides in/out is a split configuration with a locking nut, loosen the outer one and then use the inner one for adjustment. The rusty flat head screw bolt in the second to last photo is to adjust the thrust bearing. Loosen it to push/pull the bearing...
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    Picked up a woodster 2 (Inca euro 260) today

    I have had no trouble turning blades inside out to work on my Inca. Is the tracking knob (on the back above the wheel axle) tight?
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    Small shed thoughts

    My shed is about 10' x 5'. It would be big enough to put a lathe in if it didn't have much else. I would run electricity out to it if possible. Having to rig up an extension lead every time you want to do something (including turning on a light in winter to find that thing you stashed in there)...
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    The Joys of Old Houses

    You've been watching boat building on YouTube perhaps? It's a neat trick, and nicely explained here.
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    What Oil stone to get?

    I'll second or third what others have said. I'll raise them too and say that I use diamond stones (cheapish Ultex ones) and I switched from using water with these to oil - usually WD40. I found my tool blades were much more prone to rusting when sharpening them with water. No such problems now.
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    Customs declarations and brexit

    There are 2 customs forms, a CN22 (Myfordman posted this above) and a CN23 for higher value items. Neither require a passport number. You do sometimes need proof of identity for the recipient for some goods - e.g. knives. Jacob, care to tell us what you were shipping?
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    Challenge - 18th century transport box design and materials?

    Not sure, but I expect someone on here should have a pretty good idea.
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    Challenge - 18th century transport box design and materials?

    OP - another way to look at this is to consider how much the box can cost to produce before your product becomes unaffordable. This will be quite dependent on the number of these you plan to produce/sell. If you are able to buy them in bulk, you can probably get them for similar prices to those...
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    Challenge - 18th century transport box design and materials?

    It's not unusual to get bottles of wine delivered in wooden boxes. You can buy the boxes on e.g. eBay. Some of them are made from solid wood - pine or similar softwood. There are various sizes available to hold different numbers of bottles. The better ones have finger joints. They seem to...
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    Old British Bandsaws

    If you want something smaller and/or continental, the Inca and Kity handsaws are well regarded and fairly plentiful in the UK. You can also find used Elektra Beckum saws, which fit your definition. For bigger and continental, you can't go wrong with SCM. I'm sure there are plenty of others.
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    Old British Bandsaws

    Define 'old'.
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    Moving house

    When my father was small, growing up on a farm in NZ, the farmhouse was moved to make way for a road. They jacked the house up (they were all on piles) and rolled it on freshly felled tree trunks. I think they pulled it with a bulldozer, probably from the road works. The house would have been a...
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    this is an oh my joint, Japanese are darned clever

    I skimmed through the video. Nicely executed and a clever joint. However, does it provide any real benefit over a mortice and tenon? Aesthetics aside of course.