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    How would this be laid out. . .

    I think what cabinetman said, is you make it symmetrical by laying one side out on something else, cut it out and copy round it than flip it over and copy for the other side. At least, that's what I'd do.
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    Wood Identification Required

    That looks like pitch pine. See: another wood identification please
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    Inca bandsaw

    I stand corrected. Thanks.
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    Inca bandsaw

    I bought a couple of table inserts from 3D.plastic too. I think I paid about 10 quid for 2 of them. They fit nicely and seem to be holding up ok. It looks like it should be fairly straightforward to make the fretsaw guides. I think the channel in the picture is just for shipping and the shaft...
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    Help with a stubborn double through mortise and tenon

    Vice looks ace. My bench has a leg vice and the chop is made from 2" construction grade softwood. It has cupped a bit, but being softwood it will also flex when you do up the vice, so it works fine. Your vice chop will probably move a bit, but unless the cupping gets really bad or it splits...
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    Anyone use one of these?

    Those carbon comp resistors are pretty old. May have been rewired at some point? As long as the earth is intact I'd happily plug it in and test with a lamp. Don't exceed the max current draw, although the resistors may be there to help with that.
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    Help with a stubborn double through mortise and tenon

    It depends on how much and which way it's out of square. It could work in your favour - much like we fit vice chops to toe in to prevent racking - but it could also stop you pulling the vice chop hard against the bench at the screw end. Perhaps you could drill the hole for the screw and see how...
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    Help with a stubborn double through mortise and tenon

    Does the tenon pull up square in the other side? Either way, is the guide piece square to the chop in both axes? If so, I'd be inclined to call it good enough and glue it up. It's tidy on the face and that gap isn't going to cause it to fail.
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    The Chop, Sky History (Sky 123)Thuesday 15th 9:00

    Watched it on YouTube. Was pleasantly surprised I didn't have to waid through loads of adds. Found the commentary and editing both deeply annoying. Watched most of it on 2x speed just to see the final products. Some of the contestants are quite handy, but there's not much time spent watching...
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    Inca Euro 205 Bandsaw SORTED

    The Euro 260 / 342.186 is not much bigger than the 205 and seems to be more common/easier to find. You may want to consider either model as they are built very similarly.
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    Band saw Table Adjustment

    Yes, the Inca has flat tyres. If the blade is not too big and the tracking is ok, check that the bottom wheel hasn't moved/slipped forward away from the motor. I believe this has happened to a few folk.
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    This should be required watching for anybody working in wood

    That video's excellent and the reason my bench has a similar planing strip running down its length (mine is a little thicker and has slots cut in it for chisels, etc). It didn't convince me to do away with a vice though.
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    I have a 400. Dremels are a useful (but not essential) for a few guitar building tasks, including cutting the rosette and various inlay rebates and can, at a pinch, use them for cutting the binding and purfling channels, although a palm router is probably a better choice for that. If you don't...
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    19mm Bench dogs - 20mm or 3/4" hole?

    I find the Veritas wonder Dog quite a tight fit in a 3/4 hole, so expect 20mm will be fine. But as others have said, it is an easy experiment to try in a piece of scrap. p.s. my holdfasts like a slightly smaller hole, so you may have to compromise. And now edited for typos.
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    Has anyone ever considered Formaldehyde?

    You can always use solid timber and choose you glue and finish with some care.