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    ugrading my router fence/

    Here's a fence I made when I got tired of the original router fence from Ryobi MDF, a bit of "formica", some scrap plywood and a few "T" rail bits. Clamps to the rip fence on my Ryobi 10" table saw. Got the plan from "Wood" magazine (US) Works well, great improvement! sam :-)
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    I don't believe it

    Richard - I keep seeing you everywhere now :-) sam :-)
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    Shellac help

    Paul, Thanks for the interest! Here's a few pics of the completed table. It's from plans in July 2004's "American Woodworker". White oak with wenge accents. (They were supposed to be ebony but I couldn't find any) The table is in the American "Arts & Crafts" style, particularly from the...
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    Removing the wire edge?

    Yes it's a back bevel - just like J's explanation. We're talking 10 seconds on the stone. Just enough to take off the wire edge. I'm not sure if this has cropped up in this thread, but when you get to these very small sizes, flatness of stones is important. Cosman flattened his stones against...
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    Removing the wire edge?

    Yes - and to be fair, I'm sure he mentioned that at the time. sam :-)
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    Removing the wire edge?

    Going back to the wire edge:- I'm still new at this sharpening cult (woe is me saith the apprentice!) but what I've picked up I got from Rob Cosman at a course I attended last summer. He was using (and so am I now!) Norton water stones. To get the wire edge off, after honing the...
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    Shellac help

    Matt, I'm new at this too, but didn't have the problems you seem to be having. Here's my recent experience: I used dewaxed blond flakes in a 1lb cut. That's pretty thin, but as I was new at this I thought it would give me a bit more flow and increased drying time. (That's a 1:8 ratio of...
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    Cab I have a poll?

    I'm a bit late with this one! Yes of course the slots should be parallel to the blade. Otherwise - what's the point? I use the slots & the sliding table. sam :-)
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    Lee Valley/Bessey K-Body Clamp Offer

    Woody, I don't usually gloat, but I've just been to Lee-Valley in Calgary, Alberta. This lot cost me 119.82 GB Pounds. Sorry, I couldn't resist! sam :-)
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    Lie-Nielsen what do I buy?

    Well I went to the through wedge tenon demo yesterday - again money well spent. Although I've done machine mortice & tenon joints before - a lot of tips & insights that I'd spend years learning by myself. Came away with a #140 skewed block plane Alf. Spent last night putting a black walnut...
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    Lie-Nielsen what do I buy?

    Thanks for the replys & the advice. I went to the demo - yes it was Rob Cosman. He spent an hour talking & demonstrating sharpening. Worth it just for that. When you're doing all this in isolation & just picking stuff up from books & forums, it's nice to see & be able to ask...
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    Lie-Nielsen what do I buy?

    OK you lot, I've been reading this forum for quite a while now & you've sucked me into this plane cult. I've told my wife that it's not my fault; you guys are the real problem; isn't that why we emigrated anyway? She's not buying it! Anyway, I've recently purchased a Lee Valley 4 1/2...
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    Box making

    Here's a few I made for Christmas presents!
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    Power Nailer

    I just finished my 10'x18' deck yesterday. I already had a Porter-Cable "pancake" compressor & 18g nailer that I use for general furniture making. They were on sale for $279 Cdn a while back. (That's 120 GB pounds). I found a cheap (Chinese) framing nailer for $148 Cdn (63 GB pounds). I...
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    Urgentish question

    I've got a Laguna LT14SE which I consider to be a high quality bandsaw. I resaw a lot: maple, walnut, birch, cherry, ash. The cut is very smooth & accurate (for a bandsaw) but as Aldel & the rest said, not as good as a tablesaw & still needs at least 1 pass through a planer. sam :-)