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    Ruobo style bench in Teak I think, What finish?

    A tell between teak & iroko that should be fairly easy is the presence of lighter vessel lines on flat sawn surface of iroko. Colour less easy but iroko golden orange to brown, true teak golden brown from Myanmar, other stuff rich brown with darker chocolate brown markings. ^ All from world...
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    Jet AFS-500 Air Filtration System - SOLD

    Well the workshop is in Heeley, S2. Just off Chesterfield road. Anywhere near where you go? I'm in each day.
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    Jet AFS-500 Air Filtration System - SOLD

    Hi, if I arranged a courier would you be able to wrap it at all? Doesn't need to be much, it's not porcelain :-) I'm in Sheffield but very time poor... thanks
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    Quite the barn find

    There is a phrase that springs to mind: you spawny get! I see you're in the south so I would guess that it is common elm rather than wych elm. Easiest way to tell is the presence of green streaks indicate wych. Common/English a bit less stable but still a fine timber. Traditionally used for...
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    Panel glue up

    Biscuits, dominos or loose ply tongue in stopped (or thru) grooves. Dowels, accurately located, will also do it. The thing you link to just looks like a pain in the arris. At that price I doubt it would be quality too.
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    Online traditional door information?

    Hardcover according to my receipt, but I won't be too upset if paper. It's the content that I'm after! You might find Wood by William Hall (no sniggering at the back) published by Phaidon interesting for modern timber architecture. Just photos & short descriptions.
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    Online traditional door information?

    Thanks for tip, just bought a copy from abebooks for £22.80 with post, (they have more copies). I love these types of books.
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    Sharpening systems: Maguire vs Sellers

    The above posts aren't much help to a confused beginner. Your Q boils down to "which internet guru (Ha!) should I follow?", the answer being one or other but not both to begin with. Just follow one, get it working well and then you can start looking at other methods. If you have an oilstone...
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    Blade Sharpening Companies in East Kent

    It's not the geographic location you've asked for but circular saws are easy to post & he's one of the last (only?) proper saw services in Sheffield http://eastmidsaws.co.uk/
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    Black filler.

    Mike G - give Finney's wood finishes in Chesterfield a call. Mark will be able to give you the right advice. He has a range of non-contracting filler that is designed as a grain filler. https://www.finneyswoodfinishes.co.uk/
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    Mirka or Festool Sander?

    If it is to be used on the bench, then a sander benefits from having more weight. The expensive & light ones will be great if you are doing stuff in a body shop or boat yard or anywhere you're having to support its weight. If not then look at the Metabo Sxe450 which is also branded as Mafell &...
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    Where to buy british hardwoods in/near Derbyshire

    Right you are! They do delivery. There is a sawmill/mouldings outfit in Cheshire (I think!) but the Leicester yard is what you want for timber. One of the few I trust not to send me good quality without picking myself. They are also happy for you to pick through.
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    Aluminium sash cramps.

    I've not used the ones you've linked to but have 2 axminster branded ones. I like the light weight but that's it. The locking jaw sprung tab is very flimsy & over time the indents get chewed making them prone to popping out. The biggest issue however is the thread which has a terrible steep...
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    Where to buy british hardwoods in/near Derbyshire

    Try Whitmores (north Leicestershire) & Sykes (Warks) both good merchants
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    Check your timber!!!

    If the oak is dry, they will leave the heartwood alone. This is true also of walnut. However, some species like elm, sycamore and presumably plane, the lavae make no distinction & will bore through any & all of it. They will reuse flight holes for new larvae and also checks & cracks to the same...