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    Best way to store planes?

    I spray the plywood base of my stand with camelia oil once in a while and rust hasn't proved a problem in my wooden workshop/shed.
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    Gardening multi tools

    Moving the thread slightly sideways I wonder whether your wife grows things from seed. If so the Agralan propagator is a very interesting "multitool". I love sowing seeds and this Is the perfect time of year for it.
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    3D design software

    A vote here for Fusion 360. Lots and lots of tutorials on YouTube and whilst It has amazing depth I think it's fairly easy to get started on. Free to hobbyists and students too!
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    Serif Draw

    Seems so simple now. Thanks again for your help.
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    Anybody made any clocks?

    I'm not sure if I'm answering your question but with my most recent clock the face is screwed into the case and the movement is screwed to the back of the face. I didn't have a bezel. Hope that helps.
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    Serif Draw

    Spent the day getting to grips with the basics of Inkscape and have had my first attempt at the clock face that got me started on finding a replacement for Serif Draw. Very pleased so thanks to all for the advice.
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    Serif Draw

    For many years I used Serif Draw to produce dimensional designs for laser cutting and general drawings. Having retired I am now trying to make similar drawings although sadly I no longer have access to a laser cutter. My current efforts are to draw a clock face and I am finding the starter Serif...
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    Lie Nielsen Planes

    I hope I'm not asking a previously well discussed question but, following a Jim Bode sale item, I've just had a look at the LN website and they appear not to be offering no.1 or no. 2 bench planes anymore. I realise that these are not the most widely useful tools but from idle curiosity I...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Watched my wife knitting tiny jumper Christmas tree decorations for the grandchildren and thought woodwork needs representation here! So out with the scroll saw.
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    Block Plane for Christmas

    Another vote for the palmability of the 102
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    What woodworking book to buy first?

    Can I stretch things a bit and put in a word, for The Beginner's Guide to Cabinetmaking by C Hayward. A wonderfully illustrated old book available very cheaply from secondhand sources. Anything by Hayward is very worth having.
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    Not shooting straight!

    Can I poke my nose in on this thread just to say that I long ago gave up using try squares, beautiful though they can be, and now stick to engineer's squares. Having seen what a mess a class of kids, can easily make of the former, hammering with, dropping, levering etc I now stick more robust...
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    Alternative Water Grinders

    Having retired and left my beloved Tormek behind me I now need to buy my own for the home workshop. Does anyone have any experience of the alternative, and generally cheaper water cooled grinding systems? Should I just bite the bullet and fork out the Tormek money or would one of the cheaper...
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    Box Scraper

    Thanks Andy. So are they actually a crude plane rather than a scraper with the blade angled back rather than forward?
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    Box Scraper

    Could some kind hearted member please tell me the correct method of use of a box scraper, eg Stanley no70, or point to some reference work that will help me get to grips with this device. thanks Simon