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    Relocation to Lake Tahoe CA

    Sean My thoughts exactly. I’ve lived and worked in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Singapore and the USA (Washington DC). I’ve visited probably another 30 countries backpacking around. Never been to Australia, New Zealand, China or Russia. Suspect I never will visit Russia now. Every country...
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    Laser printer recommendations

    I’ve had HP’s lasers both colour and black and white, the older ones were built like tanks, weighed much the same and were brilliant. The newer ones as many people have already said, try to tie you in with consumables. The printer model is to sell consumables. I designed an Arabic printer for...
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    Cutting lots of M3 threaded rod - 15mm to 30mm long

    The hex hole is correct as the bolt will go into the bottom, there is then a hex plug to seal it up and make it look pretty (ahhh). I've ordered a lof of M3 hex bolts and will try them out. Thanks Rob
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    Cutting lots of M3 threaded rod - 15mm to 30mm long

    Thanks for all the replies. It seems that there's no obvious and easy answer to using M3 threaded rod. I don't have a lathe, the CFO would have a fit if a lathe turned (no pun intended) up. I had thought about the hex headed bolts and dismissed them as I didn't like the idea of a cap to hide...
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    Cutting lots of M3 threaded rod - 15mm to 30mm long

    Hi, I'm building a number of 3d printed designs for telescopes. These are tube rings and mounting plates. Whilst I can buy M3 grub screws and knurled knobs, I would prefer to make them as then they match the design of the printed stuff, they can be printed larger so that at night they are...
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    Buying a machine on eBay sight unseen with pallet delivery

    I brought a right rear Skoda Octavia door as it was cheaper to buy a second hand door than to replace the broken quarter glass. Came on a pallet and I was absolutely delighted with the condition and the delivery. Zero issues, but this was the sellers job so they did it properly.
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    Les Paul Style Guitar Build

    Looks great. I love the off hand way you describe highly complex details. this should be a training course for asping luthiers. rob
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    Adapter for securing a generic vacuum hose to Bosch Pro circular saws

    If you send me accurate dimensions for the adaptor, I’ll print one up for a small donation of your choice to the North West Air Ambulance. Other people on here have helped me a lot, my woodworking skills are slightly less than my brain surgery skills so I can’t help back that way, but I know...
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    Passport number for deliveries from Europe!

    Ah!, so you're responsible for the solid cloud cover, rain, fog and generally miserable conditions I've had for the last few weeks. I wondered who had some new kit.
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    Les Paul Style Guitar Build

    Utterly wonderful. If you fancy shipping it to the UK for a while (10-20 years?), I'll give it a good test and check it all works. There is no charge for this service. After this time, I might even be able to play well enough to do this justice. Thanks rob
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    Les Paul Style Guitar Build

    I play the guitar (very, very badly) and am thoroughly enjoying this thread. I will never make a guitar in my life, I'd be lucky to be able to put a shelf up, but its great to learn from other people, even if I will never use the knowledge. I would love an early Telescaster, but as with all...
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    Wadkin BGS10…The rarest table saw Wadkin made. Full Restoration

    I'm trying to think of a better word than superb and failing :) A wonderful thread to follow. Thanks Rob
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    Router for CNC machine

    I printed and built my own CNC from V1 Engineering. Here’s my thread documenting all my stupid mistakes I made. https://forum.v1engineering.com/t/new-build-in-clapham-north-yorkshire-uk/16519 I use a Katsu router. Works well for me. I don’t cut metal though. Rob
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    Interest rates and mortgages.....

    I brought my first flat in 1987 at the height of that boom. I sold it in 95 at the bottom of the market but brought a house at the bottom so worked out well. Sold the house for 4x what I paid for it in 2012, brought a house in Greenwich and sold that for double what we paid. I now live mortgage...
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    Great shots. It's £4.99 now, but keep going and you'll get the itch :0 Rob