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    Workbench tops what material HDF?? MDF Ply

    I think MDF and HDF are quite suceptible to moisture, and moisture cycling causes the worktop to sag. I used to have to turn my standard MFT top over every year. Ply won't sag, but I think the surface is relatively soft. I believe the best solution is a moisture-resistant MDF, like...
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    Forstner bits

    +1 for Festool Zobo bits. They have three interchangeable centres: a regular short pin, a longer pin for drilling at an angle, and a pilot drill bit, to enable one to drill from one side and then the other. Once a hole is started, as already mentioned the centre can be removed to leave a...
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    Making toys for 4 year olds

    A Pikler Triangle climbing frame:
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    Making toys for 4 year olds

    A Pikler triangle for my great nieces. Andrew
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    This should be required watching for anybody working in wood

    A lovely video which I've forwarded to three friends. I have to admit to feeling a bit humbled by his speed of work. I've never considered hold downs before, just clamps that go through the worktop, and was amazed at the speed and security they offered. Thank you for posting. Andrew
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    Is pressurised hot water worth it, with oil?

    I've twice lived in properties with Combi boilers, and I think they are dreadful; there is a tradeoff between flow rate and temperature. I've also used pumped showers which are "adequate" but often noisy. I replaced a conventional header tank/cylinder with a pressurised system (Megaflow) and it...
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    Track saw splinter strip

    Festool sell a 12-tooth blade for ripping solid wood, and a 48-tooth for cross cutting. Ply is, of course, a mix of ripping and cross-cutting, and they sell a 24-tooth blade for that. I have all three blades, and find the 48-tooth tends to burn ply, but the 24-tooth does not. I have never...
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    Advise on Router for Router Table

    +1 for the Triton MOF001. I have one in a home made router table, and I can't see why anyone would use any other make. It is astonishing that people make, and sell, expensive router lifts for more than a Triton router... Andrew
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    Longer than usual wood drills

    Try Axminster, they sell long Fisch drills: FISCH Beam Drill
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    Workbench Top Dilemma.

    Axminster sell an MDT top in Valchromat. I was initially suspicious because I found the original HDF top that came with my MFT/3 sagged over time. Apparently the sagging is worse when there are swings in humidity. Anyway, the Valchromat top has stayed perfectly flat and I would recommend it...
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    Router elevator

    I have a Triton MOF001 router in my table. It has automatic spindle locking when you raise the collet, through the table height adjustment and (for me) plenty of power. Can anyone explain the advantage of using a lift rather than a router designed for table use? Andrew
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    Wood screws......

    I've recently discovered Spax Wirox. They have a Torx head, which I like, are nicely finished and with their slim shank and deep thread cut easily and hold well. Plus they're readily available from Toolstation and Axminster. Andrew
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    Curry's. - Do NOT buy anything from them at the moment.

    Like many others, I try and buy locally, but I draw the line at Currys/PC World. I bought a colour laser printer (>£1000) from them, and had trouble getting it to work. After a month of it not working I complained and they said it was out of warranty. Although it was personal purchase, on a...
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    Axminster's Valchromat "MFT": any owners out there?

    I'm also interested to hear how the Valchromat tops work out in practice. Valchromat is not as dense, I believe, as the HDF original MFT tops are made from. I wonder if the through colour is a cosmetic issue and no real benefit. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has made a top from Mediate...