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    Another Joke

    Nothing like a chuckle. Like knowing that in one half of our village which is in Tier 3 that the pub will be closed. Like knowing that in the other half who are in Tier 2, the pub there IS open !
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    Smart tv

    Funny you should say that... Lurker has started the ball rolling as well here ! Our 32" will be pensioned off and we'll look for a 50" .
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    electrical testing

    Way, way back in time I was very junior and working on a BBC transmitter and working inside the guts of it standing on a ladder. I had very little clearance for my head where I was working. Unbeknownst to me, on one side the casing had, due to a fault plus poor DC isolation by me and my senior...
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    Stone floors

    DRAI from Ilpa is very good. Also anything from Fila. Both companies are Italian which, to my mind, is the font of all knowledge when it comes to stone, marble etc. Mandarin Stone have a good section on their website on tile protection ...all sorts of material.
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    Fence covering

    How about green gardening windbreak while you're waiting for plants and such to grow. What direction does the fence face ? If South facing then a lovely wisteria or two would look stunning.
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    Smart tv, you cooked your dinner while waiting for the TV to warm up :)
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    Smart tv

    Thanks SC. Supplementary question, if I may. Is Roku better than Chromecast or effectively the same ? I do have a Chromecast but it's a bit of a faff to feed as the computer is elsewhere. I've also got a Google Home somewhere or other in a cardboard box. But I don't think that is the same...
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    Smart tv

    Even if you get a smart TV, can you retrofit a Roki later on ?
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    Smart tv

    Just be aware that there are variations between models in any brand. For example, LG...when I looked into getting a new TV, LG seemed to get good least the ones that I read. Now with Black Friday I was tempted to get a discontinued model (BTW that's another tip...manufacturers'...
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    Smart tv

    Read the reviews...if someone on here says model A from supplier X is really good, do not assume that model B is as well. Decide what tech you want to have See what's available on offer as it's Black Friday
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    Stuff everywhere

    Yeah but you've got customers who buy your material for you.
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    Stuff everywhere

    Absolutely. You've not heard of Roger's Rules of Wood Sequestering? Rule No.1 - If a piece of timber is wide enough, it won't be thick enough Rule No.2 - If a piece of timber is wide enough and thick enough then it won't be long enough Rule No.3 - If a piece of timber is wide enough, thick...
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    Re- a recent enquiry about equipment wax, op departed after one reply.

    Or even a Search facility on the foru....oh, we've got one of those :rolleyes:
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    Electric vehicles

    For £385,000 that car's a snip . I'll take two, please. One for the Missus.
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    electrical testing

    Yup...a few of you have got it. The muppets who wired up the flats in the 1950's got two neutrals crossed I got one neutral wire from one of the flats and they had one of mine.