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    Ebay 15% off at FFX (and others) up to £60

    Thanks for the heads up, just treated myself to a Sealey CP1202KIT which I've been considering for a while.
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    Do 16 amp plugs/sockets have fuses?

    Call me cynical but the increase started after Part P certification came into force in 2005 allowing anyone to do a 5 week course and become certified :( I had to do a 4 year apprenticeship to qualify. Another anomaly is even after 45 years as an industrial sparky I (theoretically) can't do any...
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    Thinking of an arc welder...

    Things have improved now, check out this chap's results using gasless.
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    Do 16 amp plugs/sockets have fuses?

    Interesting discussion, I class my workshop "CU" as a distribution board (DB1) as it's a sub board fed from from my house CU about 30 metres away. I fitted 16A and 32A switched sockets "just in case".
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    Hello from Birmingham

    Recently took early retirement so theoretically should have some spare time if the wife's list of jobs stops growing :) My hobby is restoring stationary engines so my woodwork O level comes in handy for making trolleys to move them around. As my wife's hobby is horses I seem to get a few...