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    Book Sale

    Sorry forgot PayPal gift or credit transfer
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    Book Sale

    Windsor Chair Making £13.50 Making Rocking horses £5.50 Carpentry and Joinery 1 and 2 £12 Pine Furniture Making £4 The Construction of Period Country Furniture £6 Making Heirloom Boxes £12 Chinese Domestic Furniture £16 Steel String guitar construction £20 Hand...
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    Sticky situation ask the experts all the best rob
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    Removing double sided tape

    use water to hold the sheet in place all the best rob
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Made a while back but for some still unknown reason got some grain lifting out a while back took the top coating off and scraped the top down. Ready for another ten coats of linseed oil and turps. Made from Croatian oak all M and T joints. no pins screws or nails
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    Runny wood glue

    titebond original all the best rob
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    Can anyone identify this moulding profile??

    Lambs tongue and torus HTH all the best rob
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    Handed-ness of doors

    We've always put them on the other side from the lock HTH all the best rob
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    Garden hedge debate

    He's married to his wife not the village all the best rob
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    picture frame perspex

    Thankyou all the best rob
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    picture frame perspex

    There was a post re above from someone in New York which has been pulled. Wondering why. all the best rob
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    Edge Clamps

    standard f clamps folding wedges and packers against the back frame. all the best rob
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    Do you have both a RAS and table saw?

    cut a mitre on a 7 foot length of board? hth all the best rob
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    if the first piece has come from the Philippines maybe Malaysian blackwood which can be a lot lighter than African blackwood. I wouldn't put any money it. all the best rob
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    Card scraper

    use it in a stanley 80 all the best rob