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    Northampton chap needs help

    What size and maetrials Mark? do they need boring to fix to (presumably) handles? How soon do you need them? Adam.
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    Can you help?

    I haven't been on the fourum for a number of reasons which I'd rather not go into, though I have been a regular visitor when I've been able to (usually when I can borrow some time on friends laptops!). However, I'm here now and asking for help. Can you spare a few quid to help Macmillan? I'm...
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    bike lanes again

    Maybe cycle riders should carry insurance, after all? Many, including myself, do.
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    The big day is almost here.

    Thank you. Robin, there are plans afoot for a ride on the wooden beauty when it's built..... Watch this space...
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    The big day is almost here.

    I haven't been active on the forum for some time now. As some of you may recall, I have been training for a 300 mile bike ride, from Newcastle to London in under 24 hours. (Well that, and I now have a 6 month old son to add to the seven year old one I already had!). I just thought those that...
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    Congratulations. Take care of them all. Adam.
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    Excellent video, and great music too. Another skill I'd love to have, but know I never will will. How long was the point on that pencil?! Adam.
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    Macmillan Cancer/Cycling Challenge and Tool Giveaway.

    Thanks Keith. And thank you to everyone who has thus far donated. The total is up to £100 now. Still a long way to go. Come on guys and girls. It's a great cause... Here's the poster I'm sticking around my workplace.... All the best. Adam Riley.
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    Macmillan Cancer/Cycling Challenge and Tool Giveaway.

    Hello all. I started another thread about this some weeks ago, however things went a little awry, so I've started another. In August I'm taking part in an organised event (Ride 24), in which I have to ride from Newcastle to London in 24 hours. That's 300 miles, by pushbike in a day. I'm taking...
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    Newcastle to London in 24 hours. By bike. Sponsorship needed

    Just a quick update. Those that sponsored already know, but the charity I was doing this for have backed out of participation in the event. I will now be doing it for Macmillan Cancer Support, and I would still greatly appreciate your support. Adam.
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    Bird ID book

    +1for the Collins book. My son was delighted to identify a Pied Wagtail using 'ours' only this afternoon. All the best, and enjoy. Adam.
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    Amazing crafstmanship. Looking forward to more pictures of your work. Welcome to the forum. All the best. Adam.
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    Newcastle to London in 24 hours. By bike. Sponsorship needed

    Started off the New Year with a little hill repeat challenge this morning. 0.8 mile up, average gradient 7%, max gradient 12%. Up and down 10 times. Total distance 14.2 miles. Total ascent 2519ft. Not quite the Alpe D'huez, but it's a start. I know the distance is pitiful but today was more...
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    Plastic mirror mounts - a warning!

    Bloody hell, that could have been nasty. Glad you weren't in there. God luck with the clean up. Adam.