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    what happened to Alf

    I am just an ignorant colonial :), but what does WH2 stand for?
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    How are you supposed to remove these screws?

    Is that a washer under the black screw? I don't think that screw is original to the saw. It looks like it might be steel where the medallion looks like brass - check with a magnet. Most screws on hand saws are all the same size, even the one that holds on the medallion. That black screw looks...
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    Help with identifying a chisel

    Thanks for the information, when I looked up Hale Brothers Sheffield I saw the image of a horse's head that was their logo. I realized that what I thought was a "D" could be part of the lower right section of the horse head logo. The logo is at a right angle to the name so it was not obvious...
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    Help with identifying a chisel

    Hello: I have an older 3/16" chisel, the bolster is clearly hand forged. It has simple turned beech handle with a brass ferrel but I am curious if anyone can help with the name of the maker. It is not very clear but it seems to say D HALE BROS LTD with some letters below it which I think are...
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    Repro Egg Beater Hand Drill

    I bought it as soon as it was available. It is a wonderful little tool. I have seen the original tool on offer from dealers from time to time, but to get one in good condition will cost as much as this perfectly functioning reproduction. Do look closely at the pictures - this is a very small...
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    Help with identifying a wooden smoothing plane

    Thank you, AndyT. I don't read German, but the symbol on this plane is the same as what is on the Emmerich page. There is also a reference to the company using the initials FWE at one time. Thanks for your help!
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    100 year old new Stanley plane

    The box and the "as new" condition add a huge amount to the value for collectors. I have no guess but very used versions with no box come up on ebay for a hundred of your pounds. It goes without saying, but do not use it, don't even sharpen the blade. The collectors can be willing to pay...
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    Help with identifying a wooden smoothing plane

    Hello: I haven't posted here in a long time, but I have read and learned from many posts made in the hand tool forum. A friend has a wooden coffin style smoothing plane with the letters FWE and a highly stylized symbol that could be a rooster? There is also a fairly large "2" on the heel of...
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    New Mistery Veritas Stuff: Custom Bevel Down Planes

    Rhossydd asked the following questions I have read on other forums that in North America the planes are ordered online. If the plane includes a custom frog angle it is machined in Ottawa to order and available to be shipped within a day or two. I don't know how they could use distributors...
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    1" single bevel wood chisel for fan bird carving

    You asked about the difference between a single bevel wood chisel and a carving chisel that is 1 inch wide and flat. The carving chisel will have two bevels of equal size on either side (somewhere between 10 or 15 degrees on each side - for a total bevel of 20 to 30 degrees). It allows the...
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    Stanley 50

    I have a complete Record 050. With the help of a friend I was able to establish that the shaving deflector is only needed with the tongue blade. However, we discovered that it is very difficult to get the shavings out of the way without the deflector. If you don't plan to make tongue and...
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    Lee Valley premium planes?

    Rob Lee made a presentation at the Woodworking in America conference last October on how they develop the tools they make. I asked him at the end of the presentation about when there would be more premium planes. It turned out that the last picture he showed as part of his presentation was of...