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    2" x 72" UK?

    Hi, If you've got decent workshop facilties have you considered buying an arc welder; it's surprising what fun you can enjoy with a welder. I've been welding for over 50 years and never tire of it saving lots of money whilst giving me freedom to make useful machines to my specifications and...
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    Are phones too complicated?

    Hi, I've just bought an £11.99 SOS TTfone and now aged 73 this is complicated enough for me to use but then for many years I have lots of trouble with TV remote controls. It's not just phones though; the way things are heading we'll be throwing cars away in a few years just as we do now with...
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    Hi, Thanks Sandyn and AdrianUK; so far I'm delighted with Giffgaff; activating my new phone with Giffgaff was extremely easy and when I requested the SIM it was here next day; their website is easy even for me to understand. I did check reviews before even deciding to go with Giffgaff who are...
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    mobile phone scam - beware!

    Hi, BT; Amazon; ISP and now Virgin Media. I can always tell it's an unwanted call because there's a delay when I pick up the receiver and then I can hear voices in the background; usually sounds Indian; I've tried leaving the phone handset on the desk until it clicks off; I've pressed "1" and...
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    Hi, Many thanks everyone for your useful and interesting replies which I very much appreciate. Excellent Mickjay; when I browsed Giffgaff website I was thrown by only seeing monthly bundles but following your advice I'm now fully up and running and it was dead easy in the end. I simply added...
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    Hi, I've never been a fan of mobile phones only buying one many years ago costing £5 new. I only ever used the phone once each month weather permitting to let my wife know I was on my way home from Rufforth Auto Jumble. Because of Covid I'd forgotten about my phone which timed out so rather...
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    V-groove routing

    Hi, I've done lots of "V" groving; the slight flat at the bottom has never been a problem; however if you decide to use a saw table depending on the size of the panel you are working on if it's a big panel then I doubt you'll have much success because of control also if you have limited space...
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    Mobile phones.

    Hi, Photographer Removes Our Smartphones to Show Our Strange and Lonely New World Kind regards, Colin.
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    Mobile phones.

    Hi, Many thanks guys for your interesting replies. The video is very funny indeed; the lady at 1:26 falling over the planter hardly lost contact with her mobile phone. Thanks Daniel2. I don't need a mobile phone of my own for one of these to annoy me. ;) Years ago I did buy a dash cam...
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    Mobile phones.

    Hi, Who's in charge; the person owning the mobile phone or the mobile phone? Just an irrelevant question because I don't use a mobile phone. Kind regards, Colin.
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    Hi, Eye protection? Kind regards, Colin.
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    Free electronic CAD.

    Hi, Micro-Cap User Downloads This CAD program used to be expensive. Here's a video; Kind regards, Colin.
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    Should you speak the truth?

    Hi, I doubt we'll ever be clear of Covid; Hairdresser fined £17K stopped by police as she planned to reopen again Why didn't the police also fine the customers? My wife and I both retired take Covid very seriously indeed; I only visit the supermarkets for necessary shopping; my wife hasn't...
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    cad design for workshop

    Hi, For years I tried various CAD programs some free some bought; I struggled for ages just to draw a straight line. Eventually I found; FREE CAD Software | Design Custom Parts | eMachineShop Yes it's engineering but I now use this for any CAD I need; one major project I did needed 45 cast...
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    Filling large gap under skirting?

    Hi, A few years ago I installed new wainscot panelling to our bedroom walls; the floor is carpeted and I wanted a neat edge to the carpet so added a wooden strip leaving a gap for the carpet to tuck under. This cost very little indeed and the height of the strip is easily adjusted as is the...