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    New Number 1 DIY disaster

    Hi, A good TIG welder could repair it but at high cost and in Scotland are there any Tig welders locally? TIG Welding Pulse welding would keep heat down allowing it to cool rather than trying to weld it all at one go. I have Tig welding kit and it's a difficult skill to acquire; I've only...
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    Cock Ups

    Hi, It's living in Australia Derek causing the blood to run to your head. :) Anyone who does anything at all will make silly mistakes; I can still make the same silly mistake a number of times and will continue to do so. Ages ago I was installing "cushion floor" to our bathroom floor having...
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    Patterns for pyrography

    Hi, Many thanks Padstar; I've just been looking at Bob Neill's website; what a shame he's over 70 miles away at hour and a half each way had he been nearer I'd have been interested to visit him. I'm totally new to making tips although I've got plenty of correct resistance wire due to arrive...
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    Patterns for pyrography

    Hi, An update. Just as you state Martin the new selection of tips has just arrived and they are much too thick at 1mm for my Peter Child machine so I won't be using them although I'll keep them in case I trade up to a more powerful machine in future; please take note Simon and don't buy these...
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    Serious skills

    Hi, Interesting replies. Yes Democritus anyone with metal working skills should be able to make any hand tools to a high standard. For those unfamiliar with metalwork it's an whole new huge world to explore; I've been metalworking for over 50 years and still know very little. My first...
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    Serious skills

    Hi, Thanks for starting this interesting thread Adam; amazing skills shown. Heating tool steel to cherry red then quenching renders the steel incredibly hard but brittle; as an apprentice I was taught how to temper steel by watching the colour; both water and whale oil were used for quenching...
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    Patterns for pyrography

    Hi, Thanks once again Martin. I'm not a Facebook user so unfortunately can't access Pyrography-UK; I did try Facebook but it wasn't to my taste so closed the account but I appreciate the information. Pyrography Wire Reel I always take notice of advice and I've just ordered two reels of medium...
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    Patterns for pyrography

    Hi, Many thanks for your useful advice Martin; much appreciated. I've got a lot of tips due to arrive through eBay so now forewarned I'll measure diameter and also resistance to see how they compare with a genuine Peter Child tip in the meantime I'll act upon your excellent suggestion and next...
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    Patterns for pyrography

    Hi, The snow has finally gone and it's slightly warmer so I've been moving around a bit. This morning I decided to cut up two big cardboard boxes that were stored in our freezing rear extension and have a good clear out; I climbed into the recycling wheelie bin from steps and a wall to compress...
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    My shaker kitchen build

    Hi, Our kitchen evolved over 25 years and is mostly made of Meranti hardwood offcuts bought from a local timberyard; it started when we moved here 33 years ago with an absolute maximum mortgage; we had a Citroen 2CV and would visit the timberyard filling the car at about £25 per load; back home...
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    Oven door problem.

    Hi, On Thursday my wife was terrified by a very loud bang as she opened the bottom door of our Stoves Panache EF902 double electric oven. The door had dropped to one side; I dashed into the kitchen to find my wife rather shocked it had taken her completely by surprise. The oven could still be...
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    Patterns for pyrography

    Hi, Thanks Democritus; just an update; after lots of hassle I finally repaired the oven door yesterday; it's still bitterly cold and we've still got plenty of snow around on the ground; I'm scared of saying I'll now have a go at pyrography in case something else prevents me; I live in hope...
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    Hi, I bought the corded Fein a few years ago and hardly use it but when needed it's needed badly. https://www.powertoolworld.co.uk/fein-fmm350qsl-starlock-plus-multimaster-multi-cutter-top-kit?gclid=CjwKCAiAl4WABhAJEiwATUnEF1YuNX90G5Vd74JCaD6pJVI-AGCPPNUIGyhXvpsENxkw8IxYueiovBoCWl4QAvD_BwE...
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    Veneering small sections

    Hi, Kind regards, Colin.
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    Cut off/scrap fever

    Hi, I'm unsure what happens to my offcuts; they just get smaller and smaller until they disappear; both wood and metal. I must have a screw for any application; if white goods are heading for recycling I remove every part which might be useful; cable and switches etc. come in handy; I'm a tight...