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    AWFS18 Start up

    I stopped buying from Axminster years ago after trouble with my AWFS18. Blade was further forward at top than at bottom which resulted in wedge shaped cuts. They attempted a fix which made it worse than ever even though I had suggested a better fix but was unwilling to make changes to the saw...
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    Finish for childrens puzzles & toys

    When i first started cutting i intended to do toys, but quickly got dragged down by the legislation. It is unfair when places like poundland sell the cheapest most dangerous tat on the planet for kids. It does seem like just a red tape exercise rather than actually ensuring safety. I seem to...
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    Westray Craft Fair

    Lovely work - the puffins are just great.
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    Finish for childrens puzzles & toys

    Sorry to be the voice of doom! but: Please be aware that making kids toys for a show is an absolute minefield. They must be safety tested and carry the CE mark to show that they have been. You can do it yourself but it just isn't worth the fuss and getting it done elsewhere costs an absolute...
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    Craft Fair Panic!

    You are most likely correct - I called in to 'The Range' This morning to buy some ribbon for christmas ornaments and had a look around their christmas stuff. They are selling wooden ornaments etc for less than I can buy wood! It may be mass produced but people don't care about that. or the...
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    Craft Fair Panic!

    Definitely jealous of the loaction - that beach is stunning! My wife would hate the dark and cold, but I come from up North me!
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    Apple Mac woodwork design software

    Have a look at Sketchlist - often available at a discount and its a very clever bit of software. I haven't used it for a few years but when I bought it I found it extremely easy and useful to design fitted bedrooms for my kids.
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    Craft Fair Panic!

    The internet must be a godsend for you when pursuing a hobby such as scrolling. I am amazed at how much information there is out there. I love the vases. I saw them on steve's site but didnt give them a second thought. having seen your photos i think i need to give them a go. Just got a nice...
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    Craft Fair Panic!

    Thanks for the replies guys. I am working on a better stand and at the moment I am building a sloped stand with horizontal bars to put the puzzles onto - otherwise they inevitably get touched and fall apart every five minutes. I learned a couple of years ago not to adjust the prices after...
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    Craft Fair Panic!

    Had a craft fair on saturday - well actually a table top sale. I thought it was on the 27th so panicked and spent a whole week non stop in the shop finishing stuff I had cut and getting more ready. I finally got to bed at 3am on the day of the show after labelling and photographing things. As it...
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    Hello guys, I thought you may be interested to know the sad news that our friend Chippygeoff sadly passed away on September 8th. I spoke to Geoff on the 1st and he was remaining optimistic about his treatment but struggling with the pain and I then heard nothing more from him, so checked his...
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    Early christmas prezzy for you

    Hi guys, Designed this reindeer family a couple of years ago for xmas. Hope you find it useful.
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    Noisy Hegner

    Rattle on mine turned out to be the metal clip that held the blade clamp under the table. It had loosened a little and vibrated against the blade clamp. Just squeezed it closed a little and problem solved, although it is more difficult to get the blade clamp in.
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    How to condense spacing between letters so they overlap

    I am now using affinity designer on my mac and find it the best software I have used for scrollsaw design. Once I have typed in my text I just 'convert to curves' and then I can do whatever I want with it as each letter is a separate object and can be overlapped, recoloured etc simply. Takes a...
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    hegner multicut 2

    Have you by any chance bought the clamps with the 1mm gap? The standard size is 0.7mm gap and the 1mm is for large blade sizes (From size 9). Cant think what else it could be!