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    Router to cut Aluminium

    Sandyn , last year I needed to put a rounded edge on some aluminium clamps I was making but didn’t have a suitable milling cutter so removed the bearing from a TCT router bit and used that - perfect result so no problem using a router bit on ally !
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    Chipped shoulder plane

    Which model number is your plane ? Two other possibilities are laser welding (if it’s possible) or Eutectic welding. I have Eutectic facilities and it will work on cast iron but there would be some minor distortion to resolve. I have had several consonants repaired bu laser welding, very...
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    Mastercard increases fees for purchases from Europe

    More scaremongering! The operative word is “could” the fees are levied on the seller not the customer so only if the vender decides to pass these charges on will you have to pay extra. The answer is don’t buy from them if the choose t do this ! Typical reporting by journalists who always have...
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    Meddings or Union Drill Press?

    Mike, are you predominately into woodwork or metalwork or both ? If it’s mostly for metal then I would hold out for a Meddings MF4 or similar with a gearbox thus giving you much lower speeds and more torque. As has been said condition is important but most mechanical things can be fixed. Mine...
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    Plant identification please.

    Roundup ASAP !!! These invasive plants are a real problem just look at Himalayan Balsam it is causing untold problems particularly around river systems but has now spread into the countryside— it needs a huge national eradication program but it will take several generations of us to eradicate it...
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    Lino printing press

    John, I realise you say you are not into metalwork but this site may be worth a look for information, my daughter in law who is a very accomplished artist has purchased one. She works mainly in oils and other mediums but has long hankered after a press to make prints from etchings. Having seen...
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    how do I restore a newel post that's been scratched by our cat

    No harm in trying but I don’t think steaming will do much in this case. Steaming works very well for indentations, debts, bruises etc but these are claw marks where wood has been removed so there is nothing to “ push up “ and fill the dent. I think carefully sanding and refinishing will be the best.
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    Bench Grinder for plane blades and chisels

    Possibly more than you wish to spend but look at Robert Sorby ProEdge never regretted buying mine, also being a metalworker it has many other uses. Think of the cost as how much per year it costs !
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    Very Big Hand Files

    Given your location it’s quite likely they are from the ship building industry? But large files were often used for fettling castings or indeed any large size work, having said that it’s some stroke with 20” files ! Ah! Just read the post again and you have included the handle so reduce the...
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    You may not know this handy tip.

    Frank I’m 77 and still have fun with ratchet straps, son & grandson keep trying to teach but much happier with a rope and the “haystack “ or waggon drivers hitch, never fails and so easy 😀
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    How to make this handle slot?

    Most knife handle scales are two pieces of wood then glued and riveted to the blade and shaped in situ. If done carefully the joint will not show. I woukk on d remove the old scales and look at the hilt you may find it’s not tapered?
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    Vintage Tool Packaging - Nostalgia anyone

    Yep and it was 100% recyclable ! Just card and wire !
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    Worcester Bosch CH Problem

    Plus one for Spectric’s view hard wireing is much safer than these new fangled gizmos !
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    Sneaky Amazon

    I avoid Amazon and buy only as a last resort ! Lots more reasons not buy from them on here but my gripe is they automatically store CCard details 😡 they don’t ask if you want to do this which in my opinion they should. I challenged them and the response is “it’s a hundred percent safe it’s all...
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    3/4"x10tpi tool post drive tip

    Hi there is some info here sealey sl-1000 wood lathe I have read through it and there seems nothing absolutely definitive for the thread specification? You need to be sure of thread diameter (3/4” stated) thread form 55* or 60* deg. Pitch in TPI or in millimetres