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    First bandsaw

    I am not sure that I understand what you mean by cutting the corners off of logs. On a band saw if you are cutting anything that is round in cross section you need to support it in a sled to stop it from twisting.
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    Tambour cabinet

    Looking forward to following this.
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    Jaguar Slot driver Help

    I doubt it has much value on it's own but the best way to get a valuation is to search ebay completed listings.
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    My chiselling accident...

    I think that it is probable that we have all done similar and I think that the main think to learn from it is not to get involved in anything when you are short of time.
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    Are phones too complicated?

    To be honest I have a Google Pixel 5 phone and a Chromebook and I have to say that it is amazing the things I can do without problems. I think that problems arise when you are trying to merge things from 2 different manufactures.
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    Inca Bandsaw service

    I do have that book I think it came with the saw when I purchased it. If it is worth that much money I think I may well sell it. I think the later saws than mine did come with an extractor port under the blade but I am happy enough with my solution. It is by no means 100% but is far better than...
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    Inca Bandsaw service

    I am keen to see how you get on with the tyres. The tyres on my Inca are ok at the moment but I also have a Kity 613 that needs new tyres
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    Inca Bandsaw service

    My Inca that I bought new in the 1980's has the same holes at the bottom of the front cover. I block up the one below the blade guides with a piece of wood and connect my shop vac to the other as well as under the table.
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    Inca Bandsaw service

    I am an Inca owner and will follow this with interest.
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    New computer spec?

    Do any of you computer experts have an opinion on a Chromebook for home users or do you have no experience and are unable to comment?
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    New computer spec?

    I would suggest that as an average home computer user you do some research on Chromebooks. We no longer have a pc of any type having now gone over to a Chromebook and I don't think we miss anything we had but are pleased with the lack of issues we now have.
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    Workshop build - Insulated panels ?

    There is a channel on you tube called Restoration Couple and the guy has almost finished a workshop build using the same panels it seems like a good solution and would be well worth a watch of his videos showing his progress.
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    ebay/PayPal holding account. any Scams?

    You are right to be cautious Ebay do not have a facility to buy something after your approval and Paypal don't have a facility for you to pay and only send funds after your approval. If you really want it tell the seller that you will collect and pay at the same time if that becomes a problem...
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    How to tension a Kity 613 bandsaw

    To be honest if when you turn it on it runs the way Kity say it should I would think you have got it sorted. If you need new tyres you would know by having bits missing.
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    Is it me or

    Does that explain why timber prices have risen world wide?