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  1. pils

    Your opinion about logos.

    There are different types of 'brand'. This (not 'yours' sorry) falls into the category of 'gorgeous product' so imho that 'gorgeousness' should be continued into the care taken to create packaging and 'conversation' with the 'client'. Brand, again in this case, follows or is created by this. A...
  2. pils

    Your opinion about logos.

    Been in branding/design for thirty years and it doesn't matter. IF you WANT to put a logo on the scribe then all the previous answers are correct in advising etching etc. OR put it in a gorgeous cardboard/wood box with a printed/fired logo. With gorgeously designed instructions or message that...
  3. pils

    New Workshop Build - I don't know where to start

    This is our garden and the red (extremely approximate kinda guessed) line is where the previous/previous owner (who's father built all the local houses) had his (I believe) British N gauge rail track.
  4. pils

    Cans or Bottles, Can you tell the difference?

    Glass is 'more' inert than other used materials and least likely to absorb anything contained within it. Plus, the polymer used to line cans may (on a teeny-weeny level) absorb soluble flavour from the liquid. :unsure:
  5. pils

    18mm ply drawer base

    "I don't know how to dovetail yet. Maybe before I'm 70 I'll learn" Made my day. Genius.
  6. pils

    internal height with pent roof

    this would be my take on the situation: meaning one has 236mm in which to create a ceiling/roof/pent angle with 2122/1900 internal height. ALL approximate!!!
  7. pils

    Advertising Standards Authority.

    You may, possibly, be a pendant but you may also be right. :] My personal pendant for the ASA: "THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NICOTINE WHICH IS A HIGHLY ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE" warnings on objects that DO NOT contain nicotine AND may NEVER contain nicotine (for the pure CBD/nicotine free mixes).
  8. pils

    This puts the Virus into the shadows

    Thank God for Bill Gates:
  9. pils


    Perhaps you could share that 'knowledge' because the chap who created the PCR test said it wasn't a test and I'm confused. what's 'incoherent' about children being experimented on? clearly you missed point one of two points in my original post.
  10. pils


    and you have every right to your opinion...and the children?
  11. pils


    Two things: 1. let's give our children to them: childrens trial list 2. False 'false positive': (and she looks like an angel to boot :)
  12. pils

    Timber Trusses (possibly of interest)

    "86,000" staggers belief! :]
  13. pils

    Timber Trusses (possibly of interest)

    I have been longing to visit! it's inspirational just from photo's.
  14. pils

    Timber Trusses (possibly of interest)

    I'm quite happy talking to myself.
  15. pils

    Timber Trusses (possibly of interest)

    you'll have to forgive me is this is not what this forum is about. it's just I get excited by old bits of wood and wonder if I'm the only one: https://adriancolston.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/grange-barn-the-oldest-barn-in-britain/