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    ELU RAS 1601

    Thanks for the link. Yes it appears you are correct, mine is slightly different. I have no cover on the arm, just solid. Looks like a similar setup though and I'm sure will be a great help vs the nothing I had before! Anyone know the best place for spares? I have found a website that lists...
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    ELU RAS 1601

    Many thanks for the reply. I am aware there are DeWalt versions that are the same. I haven't figured out which one is equivalent to the Elu 1601 though, or where to get a manual yet. I intent to make new steel legs for mine so can hopefully stiffen up the frame in the process. Never thought...
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    ELU RAS 1601

    Hi, I recently acquired one of these and am looking for a user manual for it. Does anyone know where to find one? Any other info or advice on this machine would be appreciated too! Many thanks.