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    Where to buy blue paper roll these days

    I get mine from Costco. White or blue.
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    Bandsaw Blades

    Another thumbs up here from me for Tuffsaws.
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    Sold Cut & Dried by Richard Jones

    No, you didn't sign this copy but I have to say that it's well worth the full asking price, never mind what I paid Jacob. Highly recommended to other members.
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    Sold Cut & Dried by Richard Jones

    Book arrived safely today, Jacob. Many thanks
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    For Sale Books of interest

    Thanks for the tip Phil. On the look out...
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    For Sale Books of interest

    Hi Sawdust I would like to buy: Understanding Wood The Village Carpenter and Woodland Crafts please. Thanks Phil
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    Sold Cut & Dried by Richard Jones

    Yes Jacob, I will take this if I may please. Will you PM with your details. Thanks Phil
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    Building a timber rack?

    I've been using the Triton rack for some years now and it works really well. Much stronger than it looks.
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    For Sale Leigh Super 24 dovetail jig SOLD SOLD

    Has this been sold? Will buy if still available.