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    Another beginner. Which of these lathes is my best option?

    The CL3 is a wonderful piece of equipment but like any other lathe you need to take time to learn the vagaries of using it! A good chuck is an essential as is some means of sharpening your tools so like others have pointed out leave something in the coffers! I wish I had bought a CL3 initially...
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    Buying a Lathe - powerful/sturdy enough?

    The CL3 is capable of turning 28" x 2" because that was the largest diameter I have ever turned, it became a really lovely platter that is adorning the wall of a home somewhere in London. BUT (A big but) The CL3 MUST have a better base than the stand that Record recommend. The metalwork is too...
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    Just for your information.

    Friends, FYI. My woodturning business "Peters Platters" will as of the 1st. of January 2015 be closing down due to increasing health problems. I will not be stopping completely, I have no wish to dispose of a load of expensive gear, I will just have to pull in my horns and make fewer items...
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    Face protection

    Me too! Another Airshield.
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    Another Visit to A+E

    I am unaware of the circumstances of your accident but do you not have a push stick or several different shapes, sizes, etc? If you are cutting logs in the round then some form of cradle is to be recommended. I sympathise with you having been unfortunate only once of being stupid enough to...
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    Nearly there...& then..... (picture heavy thread)

    All is not lost! Turn away the upper section and have an open type dish,it would be a waste of such lovely timber and time! The grain alone is worth preserving as something, at least! Peter.
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    Anyone else using Gold Leaf for decorating?

    Thankyou Peter, I was unaware that Chestnut supplied such things for gilding! I already have the microcrystalline wax in my cupboard! Warmest regards, Peter
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    Anyone else using Gold Leaf for decorating?

    Further to these replies. Thankyou everyone for your input, I contacted the company Gold Leaf Supplies and they recommended a wax called "Renaissance Wax" it is applied in thin coats and it hardens almost instantaneously and once dry can be buffed with soft lint free cloth. I discovered an...
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    Correct use of sanding sealer

    Graham, This is my method, it works for me but it is probably different for others! With the lathe stopped I apply it neat with a piece of cloth, spreading it evenly over the surface. Allow it to dry off, then using some webrax or similar I spin it to denib. Stop lathe and reapply...
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    Should be interesting

    May I suggest you dump it in a tub of water for a few dfays, then most of the earth will fall off? Please check for stones embedded between the roots. It has potential! Axminster had a nice reduced price pressure washer at Woodworks in Daventry, perhaps a call to the Nuneaton branch...
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    Woodworks 2014 raffle

    Has everyone who purchased a ticket in the raffle been informed of the draw results, IF they have won? Prize number Raffle Prize Donated by Winning Ticket Number 1 Axminster Lathe Tudor Rose 1933 2 Evolution Chuck Axminster 1784 3 £50 Voucher Camvac 2356 4 £50 Voucher Felder 2164 5 Bowl Blank...
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    Sorry Greg, you didn't win it, I had the draw fixed and it takes pride of place in my workshop ready for me to start turning demonstrations in the New Year! May I suggest that for next years show you purchase more tickets (Increments of 50) to increase your chances, after all they were ONLY a...
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    If I might clarify just a small point made by Mr. Holman. Quote:- "but my understanding was that the show was for turners," It was decided to call the event "[email protected]" because it would display all aspects of using wood not just for turning. The gathering of others such as marquetry...
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    Coloured bowl

    Lovely piece of work, you must be very proud, I know I would be!! Peter.
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    If I remember correctly it was a folding stick and you placed it on the table beside me? You cannot say anything about my avatar and my real face, just look at your avatar??? Anyway, I sincerely hope that it was worth the effort coming to Daventry for the show? Regards, Peter.