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    kapex ks120

    Had one for about a year now. Very impressive bit of kit. Accurate, very clean cut edge, good extraction. I got it when Axminster first started discounting Festool prices and I had a 10% discount voucher as well so the price was down well below £900 inc VAT.
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    Filled up with diesel today

    If I want to know what the IPCC are saying, I can read their web site. Why would I waste money on magazines? I find it rather sad that you have to rely on journalists to tell you what to think. Are you incapable of forming your own opinions?
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    Filled up with diesel today

    Both these periodicals simply trot out, unquestioningly, the latest IPCC propaganda. What's the point of reading that discredited nonsense?
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    Filled up with diesel today

    "a large world team of experts in the field" - with a huge vested interested in the answer being what they say it is, or claim to be 95% sure it is!
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    Filled up with diesel today

    More half truth and obfuscation from the IPCC. Hardly news!!
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    Filled up with diesel today

    So if the oil and gas is not going to run out, and man made climate change is discredited, what's the problem?
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    Filled up with diesel today

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    Filled up with diesel today

    The last time I saw any figures they showed that only about 10% of the revenue raised from motorists was spent on the road network.
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    Sliding Mitre Saw advice

    Festool Kapex 120 has one and it works well.
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    Digging Bar Tips

    +1 for this. I've been using mine to help dig concrete fence post holes. Very useful. Useful for breaking up solidified bags of cement left by builders!!
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    Ashley Iles Forge

    Very interesting report, thank you. And yes, I'm seriously envious!
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    TR6 dashboard finish

    I've never done a complete dashboard but I have done the ski slope, the bit the gear stick sticks out of, on a Jag XJS. On this the varnish was cracked and some small areas of the veneer had peeled off. I tried sticking it all back together, sanding and re-finishing, but it looked terrible...
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    Downloading organising and reading pdfs on an Android tablet

    I use a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 android tablet. I don't particularly like the Android version of Firefox, but that's just a personal preference. I use Boat Browser and it seems to download pdf files OK. To view them I use Kingsoft Office free download which, again, has workrd fine on all the files...
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    Biscuit Jointers

    I had a De Walt for many years until I switched to Dominos. I always found it very accurate and reliable, did everything I wanted to do! Good luck,
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    Top Gear

    Pro-modified dragsters can run either petrol or methanol.