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  1. Peter Sefton

    Does PVA have a shelf life?

    They didn't put use by dates in the late 90's as the millennium bug was going to bring the world to a crashing end anyway:p
  2. Peter Sefton

    Does PVA have a shelf life?

    As a general rule PVA would have a shelf life of 2 years, I have some which is to be used within 3 months. Also bare in mind PVA is not great if it's had a hard frost. Cheers Peter
  3. Peter Sefton

    French Import Duties on UK Tools & Machinery ?

    We work within the international system on commodity codes and declare all the tax and duties that are due based upon the country of origin, I can't comment on what others do. Cheers Peter
  4. Peter Sefton

    French Import Duties on UK Tools & Machinery ?

    Hi Togalosh Thank you for your enquiry on international pricing on the website. Since Brexit, all shipments between the UK and EU are subject to tax and duty being paid on arrival in the destination country which has caused delays and large fees from courier companies and local import...
  5. Peter Sefton

    French Import Duties on UK Tools & Machinery ?

    I think you may find the Axminster plate size the odd one out, I understand the Kreg is the standard American size of 9 1/4" x 11 3/4" or 235mm x 298mm as are our JessEm and Incra plates or lifts, Woodpecker would also be this size. Cheers Peter
  6. Peter Sefton

    French Import Duties on UK Tools & Machinery ?

    Our website is now set up so international customers can buy with all taxes and duties paid at the checkout, so no surprises or extra charges at the doorstep or local sorting office. Also pay in three in a good range of countries, but sorry can't help out with Kreg. Cheers Peter
  7. Peter Sefton

    Tips for improving woodworking accuracy

    Hi Tibor Put up a video on my YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago, hand cutting dovetails, it shows some of the techniques I use including marking out, sawing and chiseling and most important checking those elements before final assembly. Cheers Peter
  8. Peter Sefton


    Welcome to the forum. Cheers Peter
  9. Peter Sefton

    Ventilation and Fan Placement

    Another video with some thoughts on house cooling.
  10. Peter Sefton

    Birch ply warping/ underfloor heating.

    Birch ply has a life of its own, I would use MDF veneered and lipped if possible.
  11. Peter Sefton

    If money is no object, what is the best floor standing router table on the uk market?

    Don't forget the Limiters, can't say that making two balanced cutters and two limiters 1.1mm back is easy....
  12. Peter Sefton

    Wardrobe construction - Biscuit vs domino

    I have both the biscuit jointers and a Domino, I would normally use the biscuiter for MDF carcass work and the Domino for the solid door mortice type constructions. I would say the manufactured board is the weak point not the jointing method. Either final assembly on site a good back and bracing...
  13. Peter Sefton

    Magnet kitchens wall brackets.

    Haven't hung one for years but this video looks very much like the same fitting they had when fitted them last. Cheers Peter