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    A bit of advice explanation please

    Decision made and it's neither I have found a Record Coronet Regent for €30 more than the 406 and it seems a significantly better piece of kit. Now to source the tools chucks and the rest of the necessaries my wife will be pleased.
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    A bit of advice explanation please

    I have settled on two lathes but really can one justify the price difference, they are the Axminster AT 350 WL and the AT 406 WL the real difference is in power the 406 is double at 1.5Kw which for sure would be useful as my skills develop the max diameter is 2" larger for the 406 and whilst the...
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    Anyone with any experience of the Axminster AT 350 WL lathe

    Any comments would be welcome particularly about the optional stand
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    Just to give people an idea of what's available SH in France

    I have decided to take up turning as in my previous post so did a little looking on the most popular French SH sales site, there is very little use of e bay and this was a typical sort of offering. https://www.leboncoin.fr/outillage_materiaux_2nd_oeuvre/2140572634.htm
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    Looking to do something different

    I posted this in the general forum and was rightly advised to repost here: Looking for something different to do and have an idea I might like to take up turning so a couple of questions. It is unlikely that I can get any instruction so is it realistically feasible to teach ones self ? If so...
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    Turning advice

    Looking for something different to do and have an idea I might like to take up turning so a couple of questions. It is unlikely that I can get any instruction so is it realistically feasible to teach ones self ? If so what sort of exercises might be useful to understand the tools and equipment...
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    Router plate for a Triton 2400w router

    Axminster do a universal plate which is drilled for the Triton UJK 10mm Aluminium Router Table Insert c/w Universal Base You would need to fettle the mounting lugs though, an easy job with a Dremel or file.
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    Trend T4 router mounting in table top table.

    Here you go a plate that will accommodate your T4 have a look in information and downloads in the link it should explain everything https://www.axminstertools.com/ujk-technology-10mm-aluminium-router-table-insert-c-w-universal-base-502748
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    Woodworking Youtubers

    I got back into woodworking after many years away from when I retired and decided to refit a kitchen. Having little idea of tools now available I decided to have a look at You Tube and came across a down to earth joiner. Gid Joiner he's a time served joiner not a cabinet maker does nothing fancy...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    A simple work bench and cheap vice for the son in law in an effort to keep him out of my workshop and away from my tools.
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    Joke thread

    I would remind everyone. Analysing humour or a joke is like directing a frog nobody laughs or is interested and the frog dies. Thanks to the late Barry Cryer and others. Humour is not the same for everyone nor appreciated by all Bernard Manning taught us that.
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    Axminster and the UKJ 10mm base router table plate and universal adapter

    I decided to change the router in my UKJ router table which has the universal adapter plate. I wanted to fit the Triton TR 0001 for the advantage of being able to change the bit above the table. On checking (before I purchased the Triton router) the universal adapter plate was confirmed as...
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    Any EU based suppliers of HVLP turbine units?

    I bought a Fuji Q5 from Axminster a while back it gives superb results so I can recommend that and whilst the price from the Dutch site is about 12% higher than Axminsters you are probably going to have to pay import tax on the Axminster price as it's above €150 and whilst their advertised...
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    Filling a hairline crack

    I have a hairline crack that has developed post machining and have thought about filling it with powdered wood from sanding and superglue. Never done it before but heard about it. Does it work? Any tips or suggestions.
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    Water (and other things) Divining

    Don't think they would do much good with non metallic stuff though but I am happy that I can find what I am looking for if others want to do it differently they are welcome.