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    Wanted Router table

    Hi everyone, I’m after a router table to fit my DeWalt DW625E. Alternatively, happy to buy a used one with a router attached. Will only be using it for profile routing around templates and for bevels.
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    Another two chessboards.

    I do exactly the same with the things I make like charcuterie boards, coasters, clocks etc. Working with wood and resin, everything is unique so it’s difficult to be exact with pricing. I wouldn’t under-do the pricing though as your cheapening the quality of your work. For me it’s the perfect...
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    Colour match for old Parkinsons vices

    I used the Paragon enamel for refurbishing 4 Record vices and is brilliant. In terms of Parky red, does anyone have the contract to reproduce it
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    Coffee table issues

    I think this is the way ahead. I’ll take a photo once done
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    Coffee table issues

    Good point
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    Coffee table issues

    I’ve drawn a full size template on some mdf as I was always taught and the slight curves make the sawing tricky. I’m going to have a go at making templates for the curves and do some tests. I’m pretty good with a router and it will be accurate if I can get the templates spot on. I’ll be putting...
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    Coffee table issues

    I like the Z clips option. I’ve used it before but you’re right, I might struggle with the thickness of the top and no apron. I used the second option on my bench but similar to option 1, thin too. Still trying to convince the missus that I ‘need’ a Domino!!
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    Coffee table issues

    something similar to this Daniel
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    Coffee table issues

    Anything? Anybody?
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    Coffee table issues

    Morning all, I’m currently making a coffee table with curved cross legs of English walnut and the top from yew with coloured resin for the cracks/knots etc. The first problem I’m having is the half lap joints for the legs, probably to be resolved with templates and a top bearing router bit...
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    Wide belt sander - 80cm

    Looks like the Mrs won’t be happy with me buying a Festool Rotex 150 sander and dust extractor then!!!
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    Speeding up sanding process (seeking advice)

    Hi Bob, where are you based? I’m in a similar position to others regarding table tops and getting them perfectly flat. I work with wood and resin and hand sanding just takes an age. I could make 2 or 3 tops to flatten at the same visit if possible. I’m in Gloucester.
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    Wide belt sander - 80cm

    Morning Scott, did you have any joy finding a wide belt sander to use? I’m in the same predicament in Gloucester
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    Wide Belt Sander

    Evening everyone, I’m new to the forum having been a cabinet maker (now more of a hobby) since 2006. I’ve started working with resin for tables and larger pieces and was wondering if anyone is aware of anywhere I could hire the use of a wide belt sander. I’ve tried some of my local contacts but...