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    Air source Heat Pumps any good?

    agreed with everything you said until you got to that point ..!! If it is a sealed unvented cylinder then the legionella risk is nil. Legionella requires air entry to the system along with moisture. It will not grow in a closed chlorinated water source and there are no reported cases anywhere of...
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    Is pressurised hot water worth it, with oil?

    Wrong thread
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    Air source Heat Pumps any good?

    If it is an unvented cylinder - ie one with no header tank and at mains pressure - it is not required. Get it turned off
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    Boiler change!!

    Also remember that the glycol mix in GSHP needs replacing between 5-7 years as it degrades. It’s not a cheap job and it’s sometimes missed in the cost of ownership.
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    Boiler change!!

    That isn’t strictly true - efficiency is irrelevant, and the sizing issue affects all heating systems including oil and gas boilers. A poorly designed system in a badly insulated property will use more energy in any event. An oversized ASHP will happily keep a building warm but it won’t do it...
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    Boiler change!!

    About 53 years was the last estimate.
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    Boiler change!!

    Massive amounts of research has been done and then new heat pumps running R410a have addressed a lot of the old issues. Inverter drive pumps have replaced the old high power scroll pumps (ie the old refrigeration technology), controls with weather compensation, CoP moving from 2.5 at A7W35 to...
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    18mm or 12mm plywood - carcassing.

    Worth checking Facebook marketplace for offcuts - I picked up this lot which is the equivalent of 4 full boards of 18mm, a sheet of 12mm and 2 sheets of 5.5mm for £65.. all are 1220mm wide, with variation from 750-1100mm on depth. That is all going into wall and base cabinets.
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    Axminster nailer connector to airline

    Airline and compressor are fitted with older PCL fittings. Nut on the airline looks to be 1/4 BSP or taper, just remove that and fit the top right fitting with a bit of PTFE tape from this kit. Sukudon 10 pcs Air Line Connectors Euro Airline Hose Compressor Fittings 1/4" BSP Air Coupler and...
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    MFT tops

    If you went for standard board sizes (1200 x 600 for example) then you could set up that there was a drill pattern that could just include or exclude certain rows or columns. CNC machine time would be your only variable, or the additional wear cost on bits for each hole drilled. At that point...
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    Introducing WorkshopBuddy

    Found this useful when I was doing some layout work on odd stock but .. it’s got one thing missing that I can’t see on the mobile version - duplicating parts ! If I want 8 No. 450x545 I have to enter each one on the list. Sometimes I will use a mobile and send to print PDF so it’s a really...
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    Finding a square square..

    I bought something similar from Chronos for £24 - just in a plastic box !
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    Finding a square square..

    Thanks @steve355 I had forgotten about chronos so my wallet is now much lighter for the things I needed, and a few things I just wanted …..
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    Finding a square square..

    Looking for an engineers square that is - as the title says - square, to use a reference for the rest of my tools. Recently found out my sliding square is out, and there’s no way I would trust my framing squares for setting up saws so where does everyone get their engineers squares from ...
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    Newbie + a question

    Sounds like shorting in the capacitor or one of the rotor/stator windings. Could also be rubbish in the back of the motor if it’s an open frame - seen that where something shorts the motor when it spins and centrifugal force throws it outwards.