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    Dust extraction for a spare room workshop

    I have fitted dust extraction with clear tubes that I added this year for the bigger tools (but my workshop is the garage) but I also have a wickes as per above (might not be the exact model) - I’ve had that years and it’s great with all the portable tools, I also use it on a thicknesser and it...
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    Axminister - How is the quality?

    I have to say my own personal experiences have been very good, I have a Bandsaw & combined disk & belt sander, I'm very pleased with both and have experienced no issues so far but there is no real longevity yet as both are less than 18mths old. Personally I have used Axi because I have one...
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    Pyrograph machine

    I had a soldering iron type prior to the Peter Child and its chalk and cheese. I did a one day course with Bob Neill that was unbelievable grounding and used a Peter Child there before purchasing - definitely no regrets and would recommend. hth Padster
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    Pyrograph machine

    + 1 for the Peter Child very good.
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    Might be a dumb question & I hope it's the right forum....Boxes & Brass

    Gents, Many thanks to all who have responded - your help and knowledge is much appreciated. Thank You Padster
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    How to Line Boxes & Drawers

    Gents, Any current recommendations for good suppliers of 'pig skin' all current links in here no longer valid :-( Thanks in advance Padster
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    Might be a dumb question & I hope it's the right forum....Boxes & Brass

    All thanks for all the links so far all look useful and give me options. I was also thinking about some of the decorative things maybe like I guess ‘corner protectors’, and the ones that either go round or through the sides on the edge if that makes sense? So I’ve just seen another thread and I...
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    Might be a dumb question & I hope it's the right forum....Boxes & Brass

    Hi All, Christmas is coming and over recent years I've created a rod for my own back by making something (from wood), a present each, for my wife and daughter. This year on the way back from holiday (yes we managed to get one in Cornwall) we made a detour and stopped of at Yandles, where my...
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    Band saw cutting issues

    I recently get a new bandsaw and wanted to be sure I had the best possible set up so I did lots of reading and searching and found that a you tube video by Alex Snodgrass was widely recommended - I’ve used this and it all works as I wished ....I’m no expert but it might be worth a watch. hth Padster
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    "non slip" routing mats

    Don't get one 'caught' in a belt sander!!! Don't ask!! :dunno: Other than that pretty useful!
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    Sound insulation rolling garage door?

    @Prizen when I bought my new garage door a couple of years ago I went for a rolling shutter door with remote control, it‘s not insulated as I had an up and over manual and this is far better In all aspects BUT why am I writing this is well there was an option to have an insulated version but I...
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    We may have crossed paths then as I work for the company who's gear your hitting :D
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    Do we know each other per chance ? :unsure:
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    Newbie Alert.

    Welcome - and I have done a SAC a while back - I have to say my experience with the instructor I had was he like you said tried to make it fun to deliver, makes a difference to being lectured and as I regularly present in my day job is something I always try and include.
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    That is exactly it for me, well the last part - it's having an end product something I can touch and feel - I'm a consultant so spend most of my time talking about stuff (was an engineer back in the day) but not been 'hands on' for years. IT affords me the lifestyle I want woodworking means I...