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    Fitting a Sliding Sash?

    A good way of cutting the bottom angle is to use a track saw, with an electric plane it is doable but a bit more difficult to get right
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    Stud Wall

    I use frame fixings, probably something around 120mm, then any gaps between the two outer studs and masonry I fill with expanding foam. 5x100s to screw the studs together. If you're plastering the whole wall, best way is to set the stud so the plasterboard finished flat with the existing stone...
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    How can I fix a glass top to these fancy wooden legs?

    Those legs looks pretty funky, are they any different the other way up? When I have covered dining tables with toughened glass in the past I've just used clear rubber bumpers, think 3M made the last ones I used
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    Table Saw Flatness Tolerance.

    Should have listened to the advice on here and not bothered. I think you're asking too much to get a dead flat top, but 1.5mm is a lot, are you sure your straight edge is flat? I've had the same saw for a couple of months and I have to say it's brilliant, I haven't ever felt the need to check...
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    Doorframe in old house out of plumb by about ¾"

    Fit new frames? Is the 3/4" out of plumb just on one of the legs of the frames or is it on both? Are the tops level?
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    Ripping thin strips of wood from PSE timber

    If you do that, how do sort where the skirting joins the architrave as the skirting would be sticking out? Nailing strips on is the best way to do. I just rip down pse on my tablesaw no problem.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    That's amazing!
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    Pergola - best fixing location (#1, #2 or #3?)

    What about green but start the screw further back and angle it into the piece below? Those proper wafer head screws take a lot of force to pull them out so I wouldn't worry about using bolts
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    Productive day today ?

    Had a go at lead welding for the first time, I really should have welded the back gutter into shape before fitting it to the roof but I know for next time. I now know that lead welding isn't as easy as it looks especially on a slope or vertical joint
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    What is your most useful tool

    Stanley knife for me
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    Decisions you have to live with.

    If you like it that match, just reverse the process and strip out what you've done, then put a larger horizontal one in as well?
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    Went and had a look at the new workshop yesterday.

    I'm guessing it's finished now seeing as he posted this in 2017 🤣
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    Are any pre-made workshops worth the money?

    If you're making stuff for in the house, just make it in the house. You won't need a workshop for the kind of stuff you're talking about.
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    Kitchen Plinth Jointing

    That's a worktop mate, not plinths, plinths are the lengths of timber to cover the gaps under the cabinet created by the legs
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    Kitchen Plinth Jointing

    Another option is to stick a couple of end panels across the run, I.e either side of the oven to keep the lengths smaller than 3m